Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement – I’m glad you keep reading and as for the photos….

A Different Kind of RemoteI’m happy to keep sharing them with you.  Youngest near the summit of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont.

As for knitting…………..I’m still funkified.  But feeling the urge……


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  1. what a gorgeous photo! are you selling your work? i can see that framed and on someone’s wall.

    the knitting will come when it comes. because it is what it is.

    lookit me. all philosophikil. 😛

  2. We all get the knitting funk- usually I find a complete break, like an interesting book, or another project (non knitting related) does the trick.

    You’ll be back in the game soon.

  3. What a beautiful, amazing photo! And happy, happy belated – I missed your blog and all your cool knits, but understand that we all need a break sometimes, too. I’m not sure what 47 is, either, btw. I don’t understand how it all happened so quickly. I was just telling someone else that today I asked a counselor at my son’s hockey camp what middle school he went to… and he said Harvard University. I swear, I just don’t understand. Why does he look like he’s TWELVE! ?

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