Where To Start?


Where does someone start after not blogging for over a month?  I don’t really know where the time went.  We came home from Vacation – which was nice but rainy at the end.  Can’t complain because everyone has either got the rainy, or the HOT.  And since we have the HOT now……..I’d like the rainy back, please.

Needless to say………with the HOT, not much knitting has been going on.  We are really trying not to put the AC on since the nights are still cool enough and we can tolerate the temperature enough to sleep.  It’s when I start not sleeping and/or whining that the AC becomes necessary and thankfully for all of us, we’re just not there.  But it does keep me from wanting to keep the knits in my hands.  Not to say I don’t have a knit to share….or two…

Mountains and Lakes SocksLove these colors and they reminded me of the Mountains and Lakes on vacation, hence the name “Mountains and Lakes Socks”.  Original, I know.  It might just be cool enough to finish these up now.

A little something I started when I got home was Ishbel…

IshbelI started in some really pretty, Burgandy Alpaca Laceweight………I know, the picture looks nothing like that.  I just didn’t like the stitch definition in the laceweight and I’m enjoying it much more in this Great Adirondack Sirino.  It’s a lovely, silky yarn and I think it will turn out really nice for wearing under/around a heavier coat this winter.  Ah……..Winter and the return of the COOL.

I’ve been in a blogfunk of late – how much more interesting stuff can I find to write about?  Is it ever interesting enough?  I don’t think I’ll give up the blog, because it is for me – to keep track, to remember, to note.  Especially since the memory is getting so bad…….but I can blame that on turning 47 tomorrow.  Forty-Seven.  Four, Seven.  It’s not even a BIG something.  It’s a firmly on the way to Fifty Something, yet still holding on tightly to the Forties.  I’m not really hung up on the number, I’m just more amazed.  I’m going to be 47!  Holy Crap!  I don’t feel 47.  I don’t know what 47 is supposed to even feel like.  Sometimes, I think I know what 67 feels like.  But not so much the 47.  I guess tomorrow, when I wake up, I’ll just make a quick mental note how I feel……..and that will answer that question!  LOL!  It is going to rain on my golfing plans tomorrow, so we’ll have to put in a Tee Time for another time this weekend – we’ve gotten out quite a bit and I’m happy with my progress – the skills are getting a wee bit better and it’s a lot of fun – and I did get a new, wonderful putter from DH for my Birthday.   Dinner out to celebrate and a few other things going on this weekend should keep me pretty busy!

Hopefully……..it won’t be another month and some till the next update!


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  1. Very pretty socks – and great name for them! 😀

    Ishbel looks gorgeous – I love that yarn and that its perfect for the shawl.

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful weekend planned – you should just throw in yarn shopping and it would be completely perfect!

    I hope you don’t stop blogging – your pictures, projects and writing is always interesting!

  2. Well, I turned 47 in April- and it didn’t hit me too hard. Like you say, the memory isn’t what it was, but hey, it’s a great time of life.

    Enjoy your birthday!

  3. Happy 47! You don’t look it so hopefully don’t feel any older than yesterday!
    Don’t stop blogging – I love to read (I’m lurking even if I don’t always comment) your posts and love your pictures!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday. I’m doing worse than you as my blogging has been nil. Not much knitting is partly the cause. Hopefully I’ll get my act together soon. Just in a rut I guess. Love your socks…very pretty colorway 🙂

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