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bear again

Sigh.  Stupid Bear.  He was here Friday – Tim had to chase him away after he took out a sheperds hook with a decorative, empty feeder on it.  Then this morning, just after Bob left for work I hear the big garbage go over and hit the driveway – and I know enough what the sound means, enough that I grab my camera because I’m going to at least try to get another shot of this, which turns out to be one fast Bear.  Another blurry photo.  I’m thinking I need to keep the big camera ready…..

He’s really starting to get on my nerves.

Don’t misunderstand – we love where we live.  We love how rural and unspoiled it is.  We love that we are pretty much protected from any big developments being able to go up around us.  We love that we live on a Mountain.  We even love the fact that there are Bear, Deer, Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Bear, Birds, and Bears.  Racoons and Oppossums and Bear.  We love all that.  I just wish this Bear wasn’t so close to our “dwelling”  We have eliminated feeding the birds.  The garbage was also empty.  I think we’ll have to move that into the garage – oh, yay, smelly garage.  We have talked about calling Fish and Game – but we know what they’ll do.  We just want to deter the Bear, keep him and us safe.  I don’t especially like the idea of having a huge bear trap around us and our neighbors – too many little kids around.  I’m hoping when more natural food becomes available for the pretty young Bear, he’ll be more drawn to the good stuff, than to us people stuff.  We’ve really enjoyed creating a Backyard Habitat for the birds we have nesting around here and it just sucks that we can’t keep feeding them, and their chicks through the nicer weather.  For the first time ever, we have a Baltimore Oriole’s nesting in one of the trees in our pasture – it’s awesome to see the Orioles quietly go in and out.  We have another nest of Blue Birds this year – very, very close to the house and we can watch them come and go with food for what is a new clutch of baby Blue Birds that we can hear already!  We have nesting Cardinals, that would usually bring their chicks to the front feeder and feed them on the rail.  I’m sure they’ll find plenty of food on their own, but Mr. Bossy Bear is really bullying the rest of the wildlife around – which I guess is the way it’s supposed to be.

On the knitting front, I’ve made progress on Nantucket Red…..

Nantucket REdI was able to work on it quite a bit at Knitting Group Saturday – it was such a beautiful day, we all sat outside and enjoyed the weather, sat, talked and knit.  It was great to see everyone and I’m looking forward to the yarn crawl we have coming up!

Today is a big day – our youngest is taking his Drivers License Road Test – and I’m going with him – nervous is an understatement – me, not him.  He’s fine.  We had to borrow a car because none of our vehicles have an emergency brake that the tester can get to – ain’t that a kick?  We’re fortunate to have good friends that are generous enough to loan us theirs.  So, by noon today, we will know if we have another licensed driver in the house – I can’t believe it – I am more nervous about this one that when our oldest took the test.  We may just have to go play golf this afternoon to settle my nerves….

We’ve managed to play once a week and I think I’m getting better at it – I know I’m having fun and I’m not “swinging and missing” as much – and yesterday was probably the first time I didn’t hurt my hand by pummeling the earth with the golf club!  I have one last lesson to arrange and then it’s play and go to the driving range till fall – then I might enroll in the Golf Clinic at our County College.  We’ll see – we took some friends yesterday that were pretty new to it and they ended up joining, too.  What a great way to get exercise, get outside and just relax and have fun!

Well……wish us luck………..I’ll update later with results of the test.

Update: Poor Schmoo……hit the cone in parallel parking – he now refers to himself as “the cone killer” and will be re-taking his test in a few weeks – he has a good attitude about it.  It was a little heart wrenching to watch him do it, but he’s a trouper.  Afterwards, we brought the car back to our friend who lives two houses up from us.  As we headed down her driveway, there was  a Really Big BEAR in front of us. (I knew it wasn’t our regular visitor because it was just too BIG)   We stopped in our tracks to see if the bear would turn and leave – but instead, she turned and faced us.  Then I saw a little black thing jump out of the tree the bear was next to – which at first was so small I thought for a split second – wow – what is that CAT doing chasing after that bear???????  Good thing it was a split second because as soon as I realized it was her CUB, I yelled for our neighbor, and told Dan to run back to the house – we high tailed it back inside – at which point she was trying to get her double screen doors shut because Mama was still right there, on the other side of the drive, waiting.

Waiting for what you ask?  Well, she had three more cubs to go with that tee-tiny one that jumped out of the tree – we didn’t see those three and our neighbor drove us home – waited for us to get into the house – and then called me when she got home to tell me the three little bears were headed our way.  They didn’t come up to our house, but were across the street as my neighbor was banging pots and beeping car horns a few minutes after that call.

I definitely know enough to get away from a Mama and her cubs and I’m just so glad my neighbor was home so we could run back to the house!

We’re all Beared out today.


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  1. The cardigan looks good, can’t wait to see more.

    Good luck on the driving test and on the bear… is there something that they don’t like the smell of that you can spray around maybe? or would that drive you out too?? My grandma is always a big fan of clorox and hot pepper flakes to keep coyotes and other critters away from her place — but I’m guessing rural NJ is a little different that where you are……

  2. It’s one of those sad facts that garbage ruins them for natural food. The garbage will always be the preferred food source – easy, plentiful, tasty.

    Washing the lid (inside/out) with sudsy ammonia helps. But basically once he’s a garbage bear he’ll probably become more and more bold until he is a threat and has to be removed or destroyed.

    We have bears too. We’ve called Conservation and they are sublimely unconcerned. I think they wait until there’s a threatening encounter before taking action…makes sense. We’ve encroached their habitat, after all. Poor Ursus.

  3. As much as nature is wonderful it can be a bit overwhelming at times – we don’t have bear problems very often here but moose will come into my village in the winter and ram people and cars if you get in the way. I hope you can figure out a way to chase him away without to much trauma.

    I love the blue in your sweater!

  4. Good luck to your son! Mine just got his permit today, so we’re just starting our “training.” Much fun indeed.

  5. Holy cow (or should I say bear?)! That would have scared the mess out of me, too.

    Tell your son not to sweat it. I’m 29 and I still can’t parallel park to save my life. lol Don’t know how I managed to pass the test.

  6. Cone killer, LOL! Heck, I suck at parallel parking, and I’ve been driving for *coughyears*. I’m sure I’d have flunked that part, too!

    Yikes, that was a close call! Thank goodness you saw the cub(s) in time and were able to run back to your neighbor’s house!

  7. Wow, talk about excitement at your place. Where I’m from we don’t have many bears although we’ve had bears in the past (Central Ohio) but not in my lifetime. Tell your son to not stress over hitting the cone, I for one failed my first time for a 4 way stop sign (my driving had always been on highways and tiny towns and never saw a 4 way stop sign before but passed the 2nd time) Love the sweater and the shade of blue your using. Hope to see you at the yarn crawl in a couple of weeks

  8. I almost failed my test, too. I had learned how to drive in a VW Van (stick shift) but then had to take my test in my grandmother’s ’69 Olds (automatic). It took me five minutes to find the horn, I failed parallel parking, I confused the brake for the clutch… sigh.

    The bear issues are crazy. I hope that it all works out both good for you and safe for the bears…

  9. Crazy about the bears – but too bad you couldn’t take pictures of the three (four?) little bears…

    Hopefully something will happen in your neighborhood to make the bears move away – how scary that they are all over like that!

    Nice sweater – love the color!

    Sorry about the driving test – I can’t parallel park either (wasn’t required where I got my license!).

  10. Oh. my goodness, that IS a lot of bear! And you make it totally clear how it’s very cool – and yet very annoying – at the same time. Wow. I think they tend to move off after the babies grow a little more. Or maybe that’s coyotes I’m thinking of…

  11. Wow. How incredible to have so many bears so close to you! It also sounds like a terrible ordeal. I hope you find a reasonable solution to the bear issue soon.

  12. Unless you live in a city, you are rarely called upon to parallel park- I didn’t pass the first time either.

    I guess everywhere you live can have some disadvantages. Maybe she has babies around somewhere, and needs food.

  13. When we saw a bear at our country house, we were told to get an air horn to chase it away. Maybe you can keep one on hand till he finds another place to dine.

  14. YIKES! That’s a lot of bear activity. Sorry about the DL test, but he’ll do better next time. Hope all the bear stuff gets a solution, soon.

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