Just Yesterday….


It seems like he was a toddler……

Dan 52209

Time passes so quickly!

Aside from Dan going to the prom, it was a busy, but good week.  The TaxMan fixed the Tax problem and surprise, surprise – the I*S made a mistake – and we’re still getting the refund we should get.  Wednesday Bob was able to get home a little early and we headed out to play our first round of 18 holes – we had a lot of fun and a delicious dinner afterward.  We’re totally going to use our membership to the fullest!  And 4 hours of golfing with riding around in a cart?  Burns around 12o0 calories!!!!!

The yarn for Nantucket Red arrived….again….this time, it’s the right yarn…

yarn for nantucket red

I’ll be casting on for this over the weekend!

And I was lucky enough to stumble across this in a destash…..

yarnchef buttercream whimsy

YarnChef Buttercream in Whimsy – it’s a light greyish lavender color which is going to look great in a shawl – what shawl?  Don’t know yet, but I really couldn’t pass this up.

m-edge cover and box bag

M-Edge Prodigy cover and Box Bag.

Third times a charm for the Box Bag – this one came out perfectly!  I was having a little trouble trying to get my angles straight on the “box” part – and figured out a way to cut the angle before I sew it – this way all four corners are exactly the same and they are all straight!  Makes a perfect “box”.  I’m really happy with this one and I plan on making more.  I don’t know that I’ll sell them – I’ve had a few inquiries – and the thing that has me hesitant about it is that I haven’t figured a way to finish the inside seems – they are trimmed and neat, but still seams and I’m wondering if that would be a deterrent to people?  I just don’t know.  I don’t mind it – it sure would keep the cost down because of the time not spent covering up the seams….

My cover arrived for the Kindle and it’s perfect!  I highly recommend this series of covers – it comes in many colors, leather, synthetic leather and the kindle sits nice and secure inside…..


The skin from Decal girl – it’s almost fully protected – the only thing I need to so is figure out a sealed bag to take along camping – the cover is great but it is open on three sides – I want something to keep the dirt of camping from creeping inside it.  I will probably sew something up myself since I can certainly take measurements and feel reasonably sure of putting a zipper in now!  I do love my kindle – it’s gone pretty much everywhere with me since I got it – with the exception of the Golf Course!

Well, there are a few yard sales to get to this morning – Bob was lucky enough to score a full set of Callaway Big Bertha Irons last weekend for 30 bucks!  A few errands to run – a 21st birthday party tonight, a confirmation tomorrow and hopefully some knitting and golfing squeezed in there for good measure!  Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s fun!


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  1. I hope Dan had a great night (presuming that’s a prom pic). You’ve got quite a nice haul there! I bought a box bag a while ago off etsy and the seems are neat but uncovered, it doesn’t bug me but you might want to let people know so they don’t freak out post purchase.

  2. Wow – I don’t think I ever realized how much Dan looks like you. Hope he had a great time at the prom. Did he remember to give her the little handkerchief? 🙂

    Love the yarn – did you start the sweater yet?

    Very nice box bag. I don’t think I’d care about the seams – I don’t think I would notice. I like this handle better than the first – I think you are right about the width.

    Have a agreat weekend!

  3. Really like this post — everything in it is good!

    (A bit dopey, I know, but didn’t know how else to put it.)

  4. Uhm, what happened to that little tiny baby I was so afraid to hold because I thought I would break him? Wow!! What a handsome guy Dan turned out to be. I hope he had a blast!!!

    Love your box bag. Got a pattern?

  5. Oh, he’s so cute! OK, OK… Handsome, I should say, right? So he doesn’t get annoyed? But seriously: very cute. Hope he had a great time!

  6. Dan looked all dolled up for prom. He looks very nice.
    Love the Classic Elite Classic Silk. That’s some nice yarn. You can’t go wrong with them.

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