It’s a shame I didn’t have a web cam in the front yard……

Bear Breakfast 51709

This is about 25 feet from my front door.  It’s blurry – taking photo’s in low light through the glass door wasn’t going to give me a clear shot – when I opened the door, he ran.  Bob and I had heard a “bang” about 20 minutes earlier – we thought it was the wind blowing a door shut since it was really windy after last nights storms.  I went to let Bailee Dog out the back door and Dan yelled “don’t let the dogs out!  Bear in the front! He was clearly enjoying our garbage (that was the bang) and when I opened the door to get a better shot, the click of the door spooked him.  I’m glad he’s so nervous and jerky – a bear that would have stayed would have been getting a visit from Fish and Game.  As it is….I think we have to add our phone call to the list of callers.  The funny thing is….I usually let Mikey dog out first in the morning – and he’s blind and he goes out the front.  I’m so glad for whatever reason I had changed my routine.

Bastard Bear.   He was all Over the back yard too, because when I did finally let Bailee out, she traced a path over much of the backyard and then stopped and looked at me as if to say “See, that bastard bear was back here too!”   He’s young, looks to be maybe a little over a year or so old, but big enough to keep me from just waltzing out either of my doors – and he’s definitely our feeder stealer – he plopped himself down with the garbage bag in the exact spot he plopped the feeder.

nefertiti chart 5

Nefertiti is getting a big bigger – I’m in the middle of chart 5 right now and still loving it.  What a great pattern!

Jeanne and I went on a little shopping trip last Tuesday and it was such a tough job to find something or two to buy….

jknits roving

J. Knits Merino Roving – I’m loving the color combintation and I’m wondering how it will spin up.

Mountain colors lace

Mountain Colors Winter Lace in Red Tail Hawk colorway – love it!  Jeanne and I never fail to find some really nice things at Down Cellar – it really is a great store and I would have to say one of my favorites.  I’m glad Jeanne called!

It’s another wacky weather pattern – yesterday was warmish but not as warm as friday – today is downright chilly!  We have golf on the schedule this afternoon, since Bob did mostly all the spring plantings yesterday while I was at Knit Group.  This weekend has really flown right by!

Later that same morning…….box bag

box bag inside

I made a Box Bag!!  I think this is my second ever zipper I’ve put in.  I know what I would definitely do differently next time – smaller width handle with interfacing in it.  But I love it! I’m pretty proud of myself – it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down at the sewing machine and constructed anything – now that the machine is back, all cleaned and serviced I’ll be using it more – I’ve already got a pajama pattern ready to go, and another type of zipper pouch I want to make.

Now….I just need more hours in the day!


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  1. I’m sorta glad that the biggest things we get are raccoons and possums – I’m glad he was easily scared off. I saw a thing on PBS about a woman ranger type person who would go out and run off young bears – traumatize them about that area by yelling and making lots of noise so they learn that area is dangerous. Works best on the young bears, apparently.

    Great yarny goodness you have there and good job on your zipper. I’ve done several, but I never enjoy it. lol I think I needed a better foot than the ones I had to use.

    Nefertiti looks great!

  2. That’s supposed to be a young bear? He (she?) looks HUGE! I wonder if a Pavlovian experiment would work – mix something that tastes like crap in with the birdseed!

    SO jealous of the box bag! That’s one of the reasons I’m hoping to get over my sewing hate, I really want to learn how to make those!

  3. whoa… that’s one huge bear. :-0

    i love your latest acquisitions! do you have any plans for the lace yarn? it’s just gorgeous. so is your bag. 🙂

  4. OH, my goodness! A BEAR?! I don’t think I’d ever go outside again! Nefertiti’s lookin’ good! And the bag is awesome! Do you know I have a sweater I finished like, 5 years ago, maybe? And haven’t “finished” because it requires a zipper….? Totally nuts.

  5. Nefertiti is going to be beautiful!! When I see a bear / a snake / a whatever, I just have to wonder — where are his/her friends and family???? Yikes!

  6. I love that bag! I was ready to go to the website that you bought it from…. and YOU made it! LOVE the fabric. Beautiful job.

    Wanna sell one 😉

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