My New Bad Habit


My new bad habit the last two nights….waking up at 3:30 and not falling back asleep.

Oh boy.

Other than that – what a nice weekend.  Up until Dan came down with being sick.  Poor kid.  But before the sick….there was Star Trek the movie on Friday night with Bob and Dan.  We think it was so good… Dan and I are going to see it again when Tim gets home.  Saturday Bob and I ran errands.  And ran some more errands. We finally dropped my sewing machine off to get repaired – I’m pretty sure the timing is off and therefore, the bobbin thread doesn’t get picked up – which makes it very, very hard for you to sew.  As in, no sewing anything together.  I’m really hoping to get it back during the week – I’m behind on mending (har har) and I’d really like to give a try to making some pajama pants.  I have a fabric stash that I could certainly dig into for that!

I did finally cast on for a new project


That is the first chart of Nefertiti in Zephyr Wool-Silk – I’m really enjoying knitting this and have just started chart 3 today – I’m taking it slow trying not to abuse the arm.

I was also able to drag out the spinning wheel Saturday and start on this….

Spring Spinning

I think that is some BFL – I started spinning this last summer on the Hitchhiker wheel – finished off one bobbin and decided to spin the other bobbin on my big wheel – the wooley winder just makes things go so much smoother and faster.  We’ll see what spinning on two different wheels does to the end product, but I’m guessing it won’t be too bad.

It’s a good thing I started all that on Saturday, because on Sunday I was totally distracted by this…

Kindle Mothers Day Gift

My Mother’s Day gift from Bob, Tim and Dan!  They really outdid themselves and I’m thrilled – I’ve been wanting one for awhile and really couldn’t just plunk the money down on one – they all went in on it together and that means so much to me!  Whenever you put it to sleep, it has these neat screen savers.   This is the perfect size for me – I wanted something compact and portable.  This takes up less width than a book!  I have it living in that black case to keep it protected.  I’m so excited to not have to pack a bazillion books on vacation this year – I can just download them all on this one device and I’m set. I’m going to re-read all of Diana Gabaldons Outlander books before September when her new book comes out so that should keep me well stocked. And there are tons of free books to be had.  It can keep a charge for two weeks without the Whispernet on, too!  Thanks guys!  If you’re thinking of a Kindle and just need one more recommendation – go for it!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day – we all missed Tim and we’ll see him on Wednesday when he comes home.  Bob and Dan took me golfing and we had a good time – poor Dan was getting sick and we came right home afterwards.  He stayed home today and after a trip to the doctor this morning, he has a nasty upper respiratory thingy.  No Strep….and no Flu – they checked for both of those right away – which was my number one reason for taking him.  Bob has a “special” procedure tomorrow  and then it’s back to work on Wednesday.

And hopefully, back to my regularly scheduled sleeping habits!


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  1. Nice Kindle! I’ve been wondering about those. I love the feel of turning pages when you’re reading a book, but that is an excellent point about not having to carry around a stack of books when traveling!

    Ooo, thanks for the Outlander reminder! I read the first one, loved it, and promptly forgot to note the rest of the series on my list of to-reads. 😛 Putting it on my library list now!

  2. Stupid bobbins are exactly the reason I don’t sew! I can never make them work right, and drive me completely insane. The Nefertiti looks beautiful!

  3. i didn’t know you had a hitchhiker! i tried spinning on one and i ah well. it’s not like i need another wheel. 🙂

    neat kindle!

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