I Think I Need a Ripper-vention


yarn formerly pacific islands

Yarn ball…..Formerly Known as Pacific Islands.  I think I’ve developed a ripping addiction.  I ripped Pacific Islands out – gone.  Undone.  De-Knit.  I dropped a stitch and just kept dropping and dropping and then there was a hole.  And then, I thought – I’m so bored with this.  If I wasn’t I would’ve finished by now.  Just rip it!

The Celebrate Spring socks – ripped.  Too big.  I mean, I have cankles, but it was way too big.  So, rippppppp again.

old vs. new

The Yarn Ball….with new Yarn Balls as yet un-named.  I’m thinking the pink might become Nefertiti.  I’m still waiting on the yarn for Madli, which is probably lurking in the bushes outside, too scared to even come into the house – see ripping problem above.

Speaking of lurking in bushes outside – take a look at this, my favorite bird feeder…

bear vs. bird feeder 2

Do you notice all the smashy-smasherton going on all over it?

This is not normally what this feeder looks like – no – that bird feeder has been dragged.  Dragged off the porch, around the house, up the hill and almost to the neighbors driveway.  Twice.   Yesterday, it was hanging up when I left for work.  Right where that red arrow is.

Bear Vs. Bird Feeder

My front porch.  Which is about 1 story off the ground.  My bay window is to the left, not much further than the edge of the photo.  To the right, is the rail and probably a 3 foot drop to the small patch of ground we have before the 13 steps that go down to the driveway.  Can you guess what’s been running around with my bird feeder?

I’ll give you a minute.  Really.  Just think about it.  That porch is maybe three feed wide.  The rail was completely bowed out yesterday until Bob fixed it.  I would really love to put the screens in my Bay window – but I’m totally unprepared to have a 300 pound BEAR in my living room when I come home from work.  This is going on apparently in broad daylight – because, as I said before – the bird feeder was hanging up before I left for work in the morning and was down, across the front lawn under a pine tree when I arrived home yesterday afternoon – now he’s not even bothering to go around the house and HIDE his shenanigans – he’s setting up and having a meal on my front lawn.

I believe we can most certainly consider this Bear aggressive since Fish & Game say within 100 yards of your house is the “aggressive zone” – he’s pretty much ON my house.  And now -No more bird feeders –  the bird feeders go away.  I think we may even have to call and let Fish & Game know about it – I just can’t believe this Bear is that close to us and our house, and apparently not deterred by the dogs or us. (not that either dog has made a sound in any of the dozen visits we have had in the past from bear)  If I can figure out a way to set up my lap top webcam in the front window on motion sensor, I might just be able to get photographic proof.

I was hoping I might spy him and get Fish & Game on the phone – but not today.  Today he must have taken a personal day, just like I did.  I’m betting he didn’t have nearly the amount of stress I had this week at work, either.  So glad to have today off – did a bunch of errands, lost an hour going to a yarn shop that should have been open, but wasn’t, spent some time in a bead shop, and mananged to pay more than I planned for some Zephyr yarn (lesson learned – you can’t beat Sarah’s for price or service).  Since the yarn for Madli isn’t here yet – sigh – and since Jeanne suggested I give it a try, I’m going to cast on for Nefertiti today, to keep Jeanne company while she’s home recuperating – Feel Better Jeanne!

Tim can’t make it home this weekend and I’ll miss him – but he’ll be home late next week for the summer.  We are probably going to see the new Star Trek movie tonight, tomorrow I’m hoping to get my sewing machine into the shop for repair and Sunday is Mother’s Day golf!

Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize bears had such bird issues! Maybe one taunted him as a cub. Either that, or he had a serious jonesin’ for some sunflower seeds!

    Just a few blocks up from our house lies an area where bears are apparently fairly common. The city even offers bear-proof trash cans to the residents there!

  2. Geez. That’s one problem I’m glad we don’t have where we live. Hope you figure out how to do the motion sensor webcam. It would be neat to see how big it is.

  3. Your yarn is lovely. I love the pink. When we lived in Montana we had bears come down the mountain to eat our apples. You’d look out the window to see the leaves rustling. They’d sit there for any hour just eatin apples. So cute. In retrospect I wish I’d scared them away because they kept comin back which then made them a threat and someone had to come shoot one. So sad.

    Thanks for your comment on my flock!

  4. wow – have you seen the bear? I would be a little nervous! He must be hungry if he’s going after birdfood.

  5. I’m thinking the bear called ahead to Fish & Game and told them any further calls were to be considered pranks. . .

  6. That is really scary – I hope you took down all the feeders and called Fish and Game.

    Love the laceweight..and can’t wait to see your new project!

  7. Ripping is very cathartic, feels good when the pattern or yarn doesn’t cooperate or when the boredom kicks in.

    Yikes about the bear, though, hopefully someone will think of a way to scare him off.

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