Rippity Do Dah


No….I am not remote blogging from the parking lot of MDS&W.  Sigh.

Instead, I’ve opted to stay home and go through the knitting basket…


Yarn Formerly Known as the Woodland Shawl.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I love the yarn.  I love the pattern.  But together – meh.  I don’t know what I want this yarn to be.   I was pondering on the Foliage Shawl.  But I do have some Great Adirondack yarn that I was wanting to bust out.  I did a little pattern shopping and I could realistically start three projects today.  This may not be such a good idea.

Lest you think I’m all about the starting and ripping, I do have proof that I finished something.


Eagles Flight – complete.  Loved that pattern.  Enjoyed the yarn -Zitron Trekking Pro Natura – the second sock was completely knit using Continental and believe it or not – the cast on edge is tighter than my first sock.  Wearable.  But tighter.  That’s ok.  I’ve also decided to throw myself on Weight Watchers, so I’m hoping the calf area slims down.  Nothing like surprising yourself looking in the mirror and having a good gasp at how-the-hell overweight you really are.

Even though I’m missing one of the best festivals – I can get my fiber fix in my studio and as for fiber tools – I have a lot of in-house access…


Dan’s Purpleheart Whorl.  This is just beautiful and spins like a dream.  Purpleheart is a heavy wood and he did such a great job of balancing it out – I’m really going to enjoy spinning on this!  I think purpleheart is one of my favorite woods – and it’s interesting that after you work with the wood, you have to expose it to light again for it to get it’s beautiful color back.  Dan is taking his SAT’s this morning, but he’s planning on getting back in the shop and turning more soon.

So instead of taking the drive to Maryland, I’ll be poking through the stash, sifting through some patterns, and testing out some fiber – it’s like being at a festival, but without the crowd.  Or the food.  Or the noise.  Or the atmosphere.

No….I’m not crying.  Really.

If the weather holds out, and our energy holds out – there may be golf later.  It’s weird out today – the kind of funky light that strange weather brings – the sky could open up any minute with a downpour or the sun can come out.  I’ve had two golf lessons – Jeanne and Larry were nice enough to take us Golfing for the very first time a few weeks ago – we had a lot of fun and I can’t thank them enough.  Bob and I took Dan last weekend and I totally sucked after taking a lesson.  Jeanne says that happens.  LOL – but I still had so much fun – and you burn quite a few calories even  if you use a cart instead of walking – so I’m happy getting some exercise and fresh air, spending time with family and friends.  Getting healthier is one of my priorities and I need to take it seriously.  I think I’ve found an nice activity in Golf – it’s not crazy dangerous (unless you stand too close to someone swinging a club), you are outside getting some fresh air and moving around.  And two hours of golf burns 891 calories!  I’ll take it!

Ok, so now I’m off to scrutinize a few other projects – some that may get ripped in hopes that I’ll cast on a smaller size and some that have just been lying around a little too long.

Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. Have fun with the ripping. I just frogged a big project and found it very satisfying. Sounds like you’re really liking golf ~ it’s so much fun and you don’t even notice the exercise.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the color purple, but that purpleheart wood is GORGEOUS! Very, very cool that you have to expose it to light to retain the color, too!

    Hubby’s an avid golfer. Me, not so much. But I remember going to the course with my dad when I was a kid and my brothers and I would fight to see who got to drive the cart. That was the most fun part! 😉

  3. Chris- I am a WW Alumnus, and managed to gain back about 20lbs. But the program is a good one, and you can eat real food.

    I don’t think the deep-fried Twinkies at MDS&W are included, alas.

  4. what a great decision. if you don’t feel it, don’t knit it.

    i love the socks! such a cool and calm color. the pattern is just lovely.

    for some reason, i didn’t mind not going to the festival this year. i think the thought of 10+ hour flight to and fro really put me off. 😉

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