Don’t Mess With Me



Or this could be you!

Oh, alright.  I didn’t do that to him.  Poor guy had his eye surgery this morning and his shiner is really getting to be quite spectacular.  The good news – his Thyroid eye disease has burned itself out and he’s able to have his eye fixed to look like his other eye – more importantly – his lid will shut all the way and he’ll be more comfortable.   But still – if you messed with my yarn or my knitting needles………………..

Tomorrow night is my graduation from PT!  I’m glad it’s going to be over.  Although I’m told that I have to do my stretching exercises for a full year from the time I’m not “in pain” anymore – I think they are a good thing to keep doing – stretching is a good thing, yes?   I’ll have to show my therapist my new way of knitting – which is getting better and better – but she’s already advised me to switch between methods so as not to injure my other arm.  I know what she is saying….but my initial injury was not due to my knitting, so I would say – I won’t mess with my washing machine anymore with EITHER arm.

Anyone else out there being bothered by the STINK BUGS.  I’m about to do something I don’t do that often on this blog.  I hate them.  I take that back.  Hate would be a warm feeling towards these bastard bugs.  I don’t think there is a word stronger than Hate – but I more than hate those fucking bugs.  It’s not bad enough that their Indiana Jones type exodus from my suitcase while I was packing for Rhinebeck traumatized me so much – I forgot my underwear.  No.  That’s not enough.  The are invading.  Invading our home.  INvading everywhere.  They are places I didn’t know were places.  Last night was the last straw.  I settled down to watch the premier of the Deadliest Catch when…..well….there was something that I was pretty sure of was a STINK BUG crawling on the TV screen.  Now…you probably thought I was going to say there was something crawling across the blanket towards me – been there, done that.  Or maybe something flew by my head and landed on my pillow – also, been done.  No….this was on the screen.  So I get out of bed and walk over to the TV and…..I’m thinking – the Discovery Channel must be pulling one of those bug-walks-across-the-screen gags they do on Dirty Jobs.  But then I get to looking at this bug…which isn’t on the screen.  It’s IN THE FRACKEN SCREEN.

I’ll wait a sec while that one hits home.

Yes.  I said IN.  As IN the TV.  INside.  I called Bob over and he was telling me just what I had first thought – it’s gotta be the TV show.  I’m thinking – Damn….that outline looked just like a Stink Bug.  Bob….he thinks I’m looking just like a crazy person.

I get back in bed – the bug had crawled off the TV screen so…..but wait!  They’re back….this time I yelled for Bob- come quick! Bob is all – I’ll be Damned.   See we have a projection TV.  You know…the kind that projects the picture onto the screen from the back.  Projects.  Projects the picture….or anything walking across the projector.  And guess what is in my TV, walkin all up in my projector?

I hate those bastard bugs.  I wish I could reach in the back of the TV and just smash the living, stinking, crawling daylights out of it.  I’m hoping that it’s found it way out, because I’m telling you – I know this Stink Bug.  I watched that son of a buggin thing crawl back and forth for an hour last night.  And I’m pissed OFF!  This bug?  This bug better watch it’s Stink Bug ass – I’m after it now.

How the hell do we get rid of this invasive bug that has made itself such a nuisance without poisoning ourselves, our kids, our houses, our yards?  Tell me!  I don’t even care that they stink when you smash them.  I don’t care – I smash the shit out of them and THEN flush them down the toilet. Please, no comments about how I’m a Stink Bug murderer- if  you love Stink Bugs – just come on over here and move them all to YOUR house, mmmkay?)

Tomorrow is back to work – not a bad work week in my estimation.  In fact, I don’t think I’d mind going to a 4 day school week like a lot of school’s have apparently already done.  I don’t know any school’s around here that have done that, but it was on the news, so it must be true, right?

The knitting – the second sock is almost done.  I’ve crossed the heel and I’m into the footal area…..these socks just might be done for the weekend.  And, based on how Bob’s eye is doing – we just might be golfing for the first time on a course this Sunday!  I’m nervous and excited.  I’ve got a call into a local instructor, who happens to be a female (I don’t know why that matters, I’ve really no preference – if you’re a male golf instructor, no offense intended – the Golf Course I called mentioned that I might want a female instructor and after I thought about it – I’m thinking I need some tips on how to play around the breaticle area getting all up in my swing)  and I’ve also discovered a clinic at the local community college – which is really reasonably priced so I might just sign up for that – if it’s not too late – I think it starts next Wednesday.  I did offer to knit Bob some Golf club Head Covers but he really wasn’t too keen on them……..

Have a great week!


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  1. WOW that sounds scary and disgusting, I don’t know how you are managing. I’ve got serious heebies just reading about these stink bug things.

    No tips for ridding yourself of them – I’m thinking moving might be a good idea.

  2. I am stunned.
    IN the TV?
    Ok…my sis-in-law swears by rubbing alcohol sprayed on them. (yes)
    I’ve tried it. I suppose it works, but not quickly enough for me.
    I am like you, squash and flush.

    AND THEN? TAR-Jay has a household fragrance called Lavendar Lemonograss. It’s the ONLY thing that gets rid of the smell immediately (that I can tolerate, with my allergies).

    They do go away. Eventually (once it gets warm enough)

    (last year was apparently our year for them. At least I’m hoping they’ve moved north and are leaving us alone this year…famous last words?

  3. Okay. Here’s what ya do. I’m serious!!!! A soap spray using 4 drops of liquid soap and 1/4 cup of lime in 1 gallon of water will take care of the problem. Do you have a lot of plants in your house because that’s usually what brings they in. They lay their eggs underneath the leaves of the plant. You can pick or clean their eggs off and that will help get rid of them. But seriously spray your plants with the soap spray and also spray it around baseboards, in your cupboards, etc. They will not like it a bit.

    I am to your blog because I received my portable yarn swift in today’s mail. Please tell your husband that I LOVE IT! I just wound three hanks of yarn on it and it was (as my pappy always said) “worked slicker’n’snot on a doorknob.”

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