And So it Goes


Sheesh.  I had no intention of giving up blogging and I assure myself that I haven’t.  There just hasn’t been too much time, or energy lately.  I believe that’s been going around.  So here’s a little bit of catch-up….


Textured Shawl Recipe….moving along at a snails pace – or a new continental knitters pace.  It’s getting there.  I’m not in a rush, so this is ok with me.


Eagles Flight Sock and nearly a Half.   The first sock was started with my usual throwing way of knitting and finished continental.  The second sock is all continental.  I’m getting the hang of it and since the arm is improving, mostly due to Iontophoresis, I’ll go with it.  I take my time, I take lots of breaks, usually after each pattern repeat and I find that it doesn’t irritate my tendon that way.  I get to knit.  It gets to heal.  Win/Win.


And a new hobby.   Bob and I have taken up Golf.  (that was the only golf related thing I had in the house to get a photo of – too lazy to go down to the car and get our clubs out)  We do not know what we are doing.  Well, Bob does a little as he had it in high school.  Me – I’m quite the player at putt-putt but this bend at the knees, swing your arms around your body thing?  We’re having fun whacking balls around the driving range and even had a ride in a golf cart yesterday, but so far, we are soooooooo new at this.  I’m looking forward to learning a lot and Jeanne has generously offered to let us play with her and Larry – now that deserves some kind of Great Friend Award, doesn’t it?  As I sit, updating this blog – we’re actually watching the Masters.   And Bob is cooking our Easter dinner a day early – Tim is home for the weekend, but needs to get back a little earlier tomorrow.  Dan is in Florida visiting our friends daughter with them – and not calling home like he should be – ahem!  Oh….and I’m sick.  I’m down with a sinus infection but refusing to let it get me down – except now I think I’m running a fever – but we won’t admit that either.  I’ve a few days off from work, and I plan on trying to enjoy them!  So, a little early Easter Dinner, a little knitting while watching the Masters and ignoring this sinus thing totally works for me!

We have a few new members of the menegerie and more hatching in the incubator…..My new Canary, Spanky and Bob’s new Button Quails ( I call them Lucy and Ricky), a newborn, real-life peep who’s waiting around for his incubator mates to hatch and I think that about catches us up here on what’s been going on around here.  Enjoy your weekend and your Holiday!


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  1. lontophoresis sounds scary and compicated…. i’m glad it’s working for you though. 🙂

    i too have love for the socks. that love is also spread all over that gorgeous shawl.

    golf? golf? woot!

  2. The yarn in your textured shawl looks wonderful, I hope the continental gets easy quickly. Golf is one of those things that’s fun even when you don’t know what you’re doing and then suddenly you know.

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