Hope for Spring



Hope for Spring

Or should I say, Hope I get rid of this cold soon…..Hope I can learn how to knit continental…..Hope I see some flowers bloom……Hope I don’t wake up to anymore snow!

It’s been awhile since I updated – there isn’t too much new – the new treatments on my arm seem to be working – but I missed last week entirely because I was sick and then my therapist was sick.  My PT evaluated the way I knit (I’m a thrower) and advised me to learn how to knit another way – which is going alright – the knitting is definitely faster and easier to adapt to.  The purling – slower to get used to and my tension is wonky – not as wonky as when I started learning but definitely looser than my norm.  But if it gets me knitting again, and avoiding repetitive injury – I’m all for it.  Now….I have to let her evaluate it this way and see what she says.  It definitely seems like there is less movement of my arms in this method – she actually said that the “throwing” motion was the exact motion that was going to effect that tendon.  Although this was injury related – it doesn’t matter – the tendon is now involved and I have to be aware that repetitive motion can cause it to flare up.

Who knew?

It’s officially spring!  Friday we woke up to snow showers – har har.  Spring must automatically mean “wear shorts and tank tops” for some people regardless of what the thermometer says – Jeanne saw someone dressed like that on the way into group yesterday.  I’ve seen a few shorts being worn by the kids – but honestly – I’m in a hooded sweatshirt right now and yesterday I was freezing – in the house.  It is not that warm out – although it is sunny – the temps are not warm enough to even entertain the thought of switching the closet around.

This week is all about getting the tax info ready to see the Tax Man on Saturday – I’m hoping hubby gets a lot of it done before I get home from work tomorrow and I’ll be less anxious.  Tax Man.  He’s nice, but boy…..I don’t look forward to it.

Have a great week!


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  1. Glad to hear that there’s progress on your arm. I know you’ll find a way to knit, somehow!

    Also prepping for tax man. I was supposed to see him last week, but there was no way I was going to be ready. Procrastination now!

  2. I predict you’ll like continental knitting!

    I used to be a thrower — I find continental much more efficient, and there is definitely less movement involved.

    Have fun!

  3. As always, I love your mad photography skillz!

    And I’m glad to know that you’re making some headway (armway?) with your arm. I’ve been thinking about you this last week, probably because I have an email from you I haven’t yet responded to, and I’m glad to know that things may be looking up for you very soon.

    Smooches, girly!

  4. I taught myself continental knitting because of doing Fair Isle (two-handed) but I never did master the purl stitch.

    People really don’t know what to wear.

  5. the purling is indeed tricky. i have the utmost confidence in you though! soon you’ll be zipping along like you were born knitting continental.

  6. I so can relate to your troubles with your elbow. When I had my tendinitis a few years back it seemed to take forever to be good again. I tried continental but just couldn’t feel comfortable with (enjoy) it. Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I will say the brace they gave me really helped and allowed me to keep on knitting. Good luck and it will get better…I promise 🙂

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