How Many Knitters….


Does it take to wind a skein of Malabrigo sock?

Just one.

One really, really pissed off and fustrated knitter.  That would be me.  Hi!  There were so many snarls and loop-over here’s and there’s – Frack!

Now, I’m too tired to knit with it.

But just to prove that I’ve actually accomplished somethings in the knitter department…


Plain ol’ toe up socks – Artyarns Merino…….finished in Knitting group yesterday.  All I can say is – AT LAST!  Sheesh.  These took forever.  I was going to cast on for a new pair of socks with new, exciting yarn but see Malabrigo winding fustration above.  So I will just pick something in the yarn bucket to finish – like the other pair of socks I’ve been knitting for-ever.

A quick, gratifying project that I did get to finish….


Forest Canopy Cowl.  Making this makes me want to rip out one of the shawls I already have in progress just to make the Forest Canopy Shawl.  I think I might.  I don’t know yet, but I’m really toying with the idea.

My knitting speed is really at the whim of my arm.  Although it’s improved it is not better and I’m still working to get it pain free.  From what I was told last week – that may not happen too quickly or at all.  Frack.  I see the doc again soon, and since the PT is telling me there is more here than just tendonisits, I think I might hold him upside down and shake him around a bit till he decides to do an xray or something other than feel around my elbow.


Still taking photos….and since some have asked for prints of my work, you can find them available here.  Now you could have been being very nice, but honestly….they do sell prints of most of my work.  If you see some of my older work that is not available in print, just let me know what you’re  interested in.  And thanks for YOUR interest….it means a lot to get such positive feedback on something I really enjoy doing!


I’ve got two new lenses to play around with lately and I’m learning a lot from my photography course.  The first lens is a 70 300mm Vr zoom for getting even closer to those birds that I stalk and the second was a surprise from my hubby – I was watching a used Sigma 50mm Macro on Ebay….when the auction ended my screen said – congratulations you won! – and I flipped out!  I thought someone hacked into my ebay account and was bidding on stuff, willy nilly….I’m yelling and carrying on and the husband says “are you sure you didn’t put a bid on it?”  and I’m all NOOOOOOO I didn’t and then he calmly looks at me as says “Happy Valentine’s Day” – he was bidding on it on another computer – scared the you-know-what out of me, but what a neat surprise!  Anyway, those last two photo’s of the flowers are taken with the Macro.

This one is with the zoom….


Taken from inside the house…..I just liked the grace of the branches and the bokeh in the background.

Well, I think that’s all the catching up I’ve got right now…..thanks for hanging in there with me and Have a great week!


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  1. Your trials with your arm just make my heart ache for you! How smart to put your creativity into the photography when the knitting won’t keep up with your energy – lenses make all the difference don’t they?

  2. That stinks abot the Malabrigo Sock! I heard that some hanks from an early batch were super tangled, so I made sure to wind mine at the LYS as I am swiftless. It turned out to be ok though. I hope you enjoy knitting yours more than winding it!

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