The Thinker, Purple Finch edition.

I figured I should update this blog – since it seems like I fell off the face of the blerth. I didn’t. I’ve been letting the arm heal. Which means I have been knitting but not nearly as much. And it’s working. It’s feeling better. I’m trying to finish up little projects – cowls, socks, hats and I’m looking at the big knitting with more and more optimisim. I haven’t seen my PT in a week – due to flu/colds that have bit me in the ass – ‘nother story and my face is killing me (yes, go ahead, say it…it’s killing you too) but considering I could have the current puking sickness that is going around – I’m quite happy with the flu/cold thing, thankyouverymuch.

This week – lots of cleaning for the upcoming Neighborhood SuperBowl Party we host each year. Which I might get a decent sized start on Wednesday, since we are in for another snow storm – I’m ok with that too. A snow day is never a bad day for me. This would be our third one, though and I think we only have one more built into our school year before we have to start adding days onto the end.

I’ve been doing a lot of photography lately in lieu of the knitting and going through my photography class – waiting for my first grades on my first hand-in assignments and I’m hoping I did ok. I’m alright with sharing this knitting blog with my photo’s – it’s all part of the creative process for me. Plus, setting my tripod up in the front window where the feeders are, while I was home sick on the couch for three days kept me from pure craziness.

Have a great week….hopefully knitting photo’s next time..but for now I leave you with this little fellow…

I’ve got my eye on you….


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  1. The Thinker is a tremendous shot. I love the colors and the way the light hitting around its back brings out the texture of both the feathers and seed.
    very nice indeed.

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