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I know. It’s not knitting. But I have finished two things – a scarf and a hat. Knitting has seriously been curtailed. The arm.

Follow up visit today.

Did you know cortisone shots actually make it hurt more than it already did….for like two or three days?

I didn’t.

Till after.



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  1. Hope you feel better and up to speed soon! I once had to get a shot of that in my bunion to get swelling down before my surgery. I tooootally agree with you on how much it, uh, sucks. Plus she just kept pulling it out and sticking it in all over in different spots. I had MORE trouble walking after that. I feel your pain!

  2. What a beautiful photo – my favorite bird (my state’s bird).

    Now…oddly enough, yes, cortizone can do that. And you know what else? The sites in my foot where I got my two shots last summer? ACHE like the dickens in the cold.
    What price do we pay in the attempt to bypass pain? I hope you’re feeling better all the time…

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