Not Enough Projects….I Guess?


Why else would I cast on for this……


Noro Striped Scarf.  I really like the way it’s coming together…..and since Bob was nice enough to drive to a yarn shop on Friday…..and since there was 20 percent off everything…..well, four balls of Noro and a ball of Trekking Pro Natura came home with me.


Eagles flight socks.  Oh sure.  Like I needed to cast on again.  This was just yesterday.  Apparently – I don’t have enough projects on my needles.  But honestly – the other socks I’m knitting are perfect for travel – they are just stockinette.  I just wasn’t feeling a sock challenge.  Not that this pattern is challenging – it’s fun.  But still – I think I’m up to 7 projects.

Don’t judge me.

Because look how nice they go together…


Now, I can rest assured that when I wear these socks with this scarf – I will be well coordinated.

The arm is feeling better – even though it hurt way too much for my taste yesterday, it’s feeling like it might be on the mend now.  We had a nice holiday – we had family visiting and they left for home today.  Getting the house straightened for the week and doing wash is in the cards for me today.  It’s a rainy Sunday – even though we started off with snow and ice, it’s all rain now.  The perfect kind of day for some catching up.


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