La, de, da



Just because it’s going to rain again and this is a nice, fall memory.

Thank you for all the kind words of compassion, care and encouragement…..

Mama went to the doctor and the doctor said……

Tennis Elbow.

Get the flip out of here.

Those that know and love me………..know I don’t I don’t even OWN a tennis racket, much less play it.   But, that’s just a catch all name for tendonitis, which is what I has.  And possibly a tear, but the treatment right now is, brace, ice, celebrex and rest.  Not too much rest.  Unlike the time I had tendonitis in my teens when the cast my left arm for three months (which is what really had me quaking in my shoesies) they tend to take a more relaxed approach – which suits me just fine.  The verdict on knitting?  I can knit as long as it’s not hurting.  I wear the funny little bracey thing when I’m going to lift something or such.  I’m wearing it now, because it feels good – it puts a pressure point on the spot that hurts and makes moving my arm better.  I’ve got a lot of housework ahead of me in the next day or two, and resting it is really what I have to concentrate on.  If it’s a titch messy, oh well.  Next time the washing machine throws down the glove and tangles something around its agitator?  It’s on its own.

We have a long weekend ahead – but we do have family coming so it’s not exactly going to be one of those lay on my ass type four days off.  Still, it’s something to look forward to and I’m going to enjoy it.

Any maybe, I just might, possibly………..knit.


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  1. Glad that’s all it was! Knitting and too much “keyboard time” have given me tennis elbow from time to time, and I similarly have never gone near a racket!

  2. I’m glad it’s just tennis elbow! I get that sometimes too; I too am right-handed, but oddly I get it in my left arm. OMG it just started snowing on my screen! I love that!

    Anyway, I am late in catching up on blogs, but just wanted to say that I’m glad it’s nothing too serious, nothing that is going to keep you away from important things like crafting, and cooking!

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