Yes, I am here.  It’s been a doosey of a week.  I’ve barely had time to check in on blogs, didn’t get to check Ravelry till today (a whole week!) and I’ve maybe knit 10 stitches in all.

First and finally……


My Glady Needle Case by Knitnana.  Just in case you live in a cave or have been without internet for a really long time, Sallee makes the most amazing and gorgeous bags and needle cases.  I’m lucky enough to call her my friend, and since she happened to admire one of my pins and I’ve lusted after her cases for a long time – we did what any other self-respecting artisans do and swapped our wares.  You can see this case and many of her other items over on Nana Sadie Rose – go, check it out, I’ll wait.  Thank you, Sallee!!

I’ve been very busy at the workbench…..


Most of these, plus two new Shawl Sticks have been uploaded into the shop today.  DH and I have been busy trying to stock up the shop with Shawl Pins, Yarn Swifts and his new Nostepinnes.  I’m trying to get as much done before tomorrow as I can.

I see the orthopedist tomorrow.

I hurted my right arm.

I’m right handed or right armed.


Take a moment and feel sorry for me.  Please.  Because I’m so scared he’s going to tell me I can’t knit (the HORROR) or make jewelry (double HORROR) or do anything with this arm (THANKSGIVING???) that I figure anything I do before tomorrow doesn’t really count.  Right?  DH came along yesterday and did the holiday food shopping with me – big help as it was a little hard to push the cart once it started to get any weight into it.  He also helped me package 20 pairs of earrings the other night for a long standing custom order I had for Christmas. Note to self – don’t think you’ve planned out your time well, because you have two months to do something – you never know when your going to get hurt and not be able to fulfill your obligations.  Yeah.  I didn’t procrastinate at all – I was right on schedule – before I screwed up my arm.  Amazingly – all the wire wrapping has seemed to work some of the stiffness and pain out a bit – so maybe its a bit of a pull – I had a run in with the washing machine last sunday – and I think it thinks it won.  Also note, you should not one armed-ly pull anything away from a agitator thinking you are way stronger than it.  It doesn’t agree with you.

Anyway, more exciting news.  Janine Le Cras, a very talented and ingenious knitwear designer, has gone and gotten designs in not one, but two online Magazines this month.  She did give me a heads up a little while ago as she’s gone ahead and used one of my Shawl Pins on these two designs!  The first one, Blowsey Ruffles is the sweetest little scarf and I’m hoping I get to knit one myself soon.  It is one of the many wonderful designs over at The Inside Loop.  Diane Mulholland, one of the editors, was gracious enough to contact me when she received Janine’s design and offered me the opportunity to advertise with them – very exciting for me!  She also has a wonderful blog with amazing Spinning, knitting and design features and just did a really great bit on twist in your spinning.  Janine’s other design, Swing Swing is over in the lastest issue of Knotions – the perfect, swingy cardy that has also taken up residence in my knitting queue.  Congratulations Janine and thank you so much!

Wish me luck tomorrow – and have a great week – I’m hoping to have my next post about my knitting!


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  1. Apply that gorgeous case to the painful area(s). Slowly, evenly, chant “I want Thanksgiving dinner brought to me in bed” over and over.

    If those fail, pout.

  2. ‘Having suffered that same fear of being banned from my crafting passions due to shoulder issues, I can relate to your sense of worry. In the end my fears were not borne out – I hope the same for you tomorrow!

  3. OMG. Please take care of your arm!!!
    I’ll be thinking all sorts of good thoughts. Go OUT to eat on T-day, okay? Treat yourself well? Don’t arm wrestle a turkey.

    And your photo of the case is wonderful! Thank you for the kindest words, and you know how much I adore you pins (and markers…and earrings and such!) – you’re so gifted.

    So take care of your arm. We need you to continue making your gorgeous stuff!
    (((((((gentle hugs)))))))

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