Starts, Stops and In-Betweens


Four Days off was mighty nice.  But did much get accomplished in the knitting department?

Ah, not so much.

Well, that’s not true.  I did a lot of “swatching”.  And by “swatching” (insert arm movements wherever you see “swatching”) I mean – I started the Alieta Shell 5 times.  Five.  Fivaroni.  Fivetastic.  Fivefrickingtimes.

The first three times were with the Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere.  A little bit of nice yarn there.

Stretches like a Mo Fo.

In my quest to accept my true size, I cast on and therefore accomodated my breasticles in the measurements.  Too bad the yarn stretched soooo much that I could have fit my breasticles, your breasticles and a few other breasticles in there, too.

Cast on for the next size smaller.

Still stretching like a Mo fo.

Cast on for the next size smaller – lookie – I’m two sizes smaller.


Gave up with this yarn.  Really upset too, because I have 14 skeins of this wonderful yarn and for the life of me – I can’t figure out what the hell I’m going to knit with it now.

Could have totally lost my shit, but instead….

Tried it with some Dalegarn Svale.

Ah, Svno.

Tried it with some Tahki Classic Cotton.

Too, well Tahki.

Too damn bad.

Finally decided I would look around for the darn yarn the pattern calls for – Plymouth Linen Isle.  Hot damn – ebay had a bunch of it for 2.49 a ball!!!

Needless to say I ordered the yarn.  Now I’m waiting.  And hoping like hell that Linen Isle doesn’t have the qualities of the last three yarns I’ve tried.  Really like the Shell.  Really want to make the Shell.  Really gonna flip out if I have any problems casting on with the yarn.

Now, I have a few projects that could keep me busy while I’m waiting – we all know this.  Uh, huh.  I do.  But I wanted to make something else.

So I cast on for the Picchu Picchu Cardy with some Berroco Ultra Alpaca I bought last summer, just for that cardy.

I hates it.  Hates the yarn.  Hates it so much – I’m going to put it up for sale on my Ravelry page.  Which by the way – that Duets Skinny yarn I had up on my page – sold to Shannon who is happy, happy with it – so this is a good thing, right?

And that brings us up to here (jabbing hand up high over my head)


Even though the color is way, way the hell off, these are the Green Autumn Mitts by Jared.  Love them so far.  Very interesting knit.  I need mittens.  This is a good knit.  A useful knit.  A fun knit……….so far.  I’m using Dream In Color Smooshy in Good Luck Jade (good luck getting a good photo of it, too.)

Fingers crossed for me, k?

Other than running into an unusually high number of less than smart people the last few days (what is up with that and who let them out???) like the lady who sat in her parked car at the post office on the cell phone and presumably got tired of just “sitting” there and drove the car to the exit to just sit in the exit of the post office and waved me around, cept there really wasn’t any room to GO around her.  Lowered her window and said how sorry she was – and I heard me snap.  I heard it.  I heard “snap”.  And then I said – after asking if she was ok?  Did she need help?  Well then, great – can you move your car?  Because you are BLOCKING the exit.  Well, she said we was sure she left enough room – can you see where this was going?  Dumb for blocking the exit, dumb for not knowing the size of your car and dumb for leaving your parking space to drive and block an exit while you’re on the cell phone.  And especially dumb for thinking you are so important that nobody else wanting to use that exit even counts.  What I did say to her was “NO, you aren’t leaving enough room, please move your car”  But I really had to restrain myself from all the other stuff I was thinking and wanting to say.

So she backed up and nearly hit my car.

Big sigh.

I normally don’t bother to get so pissed off at people like that – because really?  There is no cure for asshole.  But honestly, I think I ran into soooo many people like that over the long weekend – it was just a little too much for me.  I try to temper my self because of the small town I live in, where we know everyone (never saw her before though) and since I work in this small town and know everyone – I kind of try to steer clear of encounters.  But damn.

But it was a nice four days.  Pretty relaxing when I wasn’t encountering alien people from the planet of NOMANNERS.

I’d like some more, please.


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  1. Oh dear, sounds like you’ve been through the wringer on that shell. Hoping that the sixth (wow) time’s a charm.

    I’ve been encountering denizens of the planet NOMANNERS around here too. Perhaps it’s the change of seasons which has made them so lively just now. Can you tell me, do they hibernate?

  2. You didn’t have a good weekend with your yarn, did you? Hopefully the yarn you ordered will work out fine…fingers crossed.
    There are so many people out there that who are clueless. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. Drives me crazy… you are not alone 🙂

  3. Sounds like the swatch wars over there. Hope your yarn comes and all is well. Also hope you can stear clear of all the asses out there, but that is impossible. I am crossing my fingers for you.

  4. So, we’ll know that the new yarn didn’t work out when we hear a sonic boom of cussing and screaming? 😉

    I live in a small town like that, too. So very often, people will stop their cars in the middle of the road to chat, ignoring the 10 or 15 other cars that are stuck behind them. We’re talking busy roads, not just neighborhood streets. Grrr. Talk about sonic booms of cussing…

  5. Hi,
    The mitten looks fantastic. What pattern are you using. I sure would like to make them. I could use some warm mittens. And…they look like fun to make.
    Even here in Japan there are a..holes that stop their car in the middle of the street to talk on their stinkin cell phones! Or people who hog the entire sidewalk and won’t move over when you try to pass. I don’t know if this is because I am a foreigner here or they are just plain ijits..!

  6. I think you should knit it in the DB and then have three of you wear it at the same time. Sure, you’d never actually use it that way, but that picture would be hilarious!

    Hmm, there must have been an asshat virus spreading around on Friday. I took my car in for an oil change and the sheer comedy of errors (and by comedy, I mean I had to laugh about it or I would be standing before a jury of my peers right now) made me think I was getting Punk’d. Except that I’m not famous.

  7. I would love to know what kind of stuff these “stupids” are eating.
    Because there are way too many of them.
    Glad your weekend was good otherwise, tho!

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed your time off, sounds like you had some challenges though! I got a fantastic package in the mail yesterday…thank you so much! I ended up not getting home from work till 8 last night (this getting dark so early is eerie walking to the foot ferry through a questionable area!)and the package was waiting for me! i so seriously love everything in it and it will be well used and loved. thank you thank you!!!!

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