Not again


This is what it looked like right before I left for work today….

We are in the midst of a wicked bad n’oreaster. And we lost power again – probably around 11 this morning, while we were snug as bugs in school. When I finally arrived home, after nearly a 40 minute commute for a five minute trip, we had over 6 slushy, icy, sodding wet inches of snow. And for the first time in my 18 years living here- my road was closed! I couldn’t get past the trees and road closed signs to get to my house. Where I live. You know. Home.

The power is still out at 9 pm. We have a delayed school opening tomorrow. I am laying in bed with my velour pj’s on, wearing Gale (fitting), handknit socks and a pair of fingerless mitts and I’m contemplating a hat. It is 53 degrees in my bedroom. The rest of the house is warm due to ds and I making a superior fire in both the woodstove and the fireplace.

And I’m so very glad to be able to wrap myself up in all these handknits so I’ll be warm tonight.

Jury duty update – I did knit! We were dismissed and although I have to call each night it looks like we are done.


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  1. Ick! Glad you’re all bundled up, though. 🙂 We’ve even had unusually cold weather down here. Very strange to be wearing a warm coat in October. In Alabama. It’s normal for us to still be wearing shorts this time of year. lol Maybe that’s why I’m knitting so much lately.

  2. While I’m not sure I could endure a Noreaster, please understand how jealous is a Southerner who, in a good winter, will MAYBE see as much snow as is in your photo.

  3. It’s way too early for snow! Sorry you lost your power…that’s what I dread the most about winter. We do have a gas stove(heating) that usually saves us. Glad you had your woolies to keep you warm 🙂

    Stay warm and cozy 🙂

  4. May it not happen again, but if it does, definitely go with the hat. I’ve been wearing a hat to bed for weeks now, because it really helps. (Also a scarf because I like to sit up and read.)

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