The Lights Went Out


And they went out a LOT earlier than the news stations were reporting this morning.  We lost power here (North West New Jersey) at 4:06 pm.  Not 8pm.  Or 10pm.   The bad news is I couldn’t find my headlamp so I could continue knitting on the Lady Sweater.  The other bad news (or news-es) is that I couldn’t cook the promised dinner for DS #1, nor could he dry his laundry.  There is a flip good news side – we ordered Chinese Take out, lit some candles and played a nice family game of Scrabble.  Power was restored near 9pm last night – and I really feel badly for those power company people for having to brave that weather – it was truly horrible – we had one wind gust that we recorded at over 25 mph – DH was out in the pasture in the middle of that one and none too happy about it. 

And here is where I am – I was hoping to be a lot further along, but not sorry it – allowed me to spend some nice time with the family.

I’m glad the weather held out long enough for Jeanne and I to make our trip to Why Knot Knit and a belated celebratory lunch for Jeanne’s Birthday.  We were really impressed with this cute, little shop.  It was Jam packed full of yarn – and the owner was just really nice.  We both found some amazing Berroco yarn – which I think will be turning into an Eyelet cardy for me.  I am not normally a fan of acrylic in yarns, but this is sooooo soft and it feels amazing – I’m willing to give it a try.  It’s defintely not the acrylic I’m used to seeing.  The price was amazing too.  She had a nice selection of yarns and rovings from a local spinner – I think we’ll definitely be back for another visit.

The weather was getting progressively worse while we were out and I think we made it back just in time.  I was able to put in a little time on the cardy before we lost power.  And today is bright, crisp and beautiful.  We made our annual Fall trip up to a local Orchard for a box of Winesaps, some pumpkins and a few jams and goodies.

Jury Duty starts tomorrow.  And not only that – I don’t have to report to court until 12:30 so I also have to go into work first – is this a bum rap or what?  Honestly – I don’t mind going in…I just hope I don’t end up being in court later.  And they best allow the knitting to be broughten – DH suggested bringing in wood needles and I think that is a good idea.  If they take them away from me, I’ll have to request every pencil in the place be put under lock and key at the same time.

Time to get peeling some apples – Apple Crisp has been requested tonight!


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  1. Sometimes we need to be “persuaded” to take time to spend focused time with the family. Sounds like it was good.

    I like the nubs in your FLS. It’s going to be a beauty.

    Good luck with the needles and jury duty!

  2. I have my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. I so hope they let you knit. Hopefully as long as they are not metal needles you should be ok…

    good luck…glad you got your power back 🙂

  3. One of the preschool teachers got drafted for jury duty and was put on a really big trial. She’s in week two. *shudder*

    I didn’t even know there were any storms. I guess that’s what I get for avoiding the political ads (which means watching nothing but the History/Science/Travel channels). lol Glad you’re all okay, though!

  4. Wow! Look like I lucked out in the weather department. It wasn’t that bad in Bergen Co. by a long shot! Good luck with the jury duty. I hope they let you knit!

    P.S. Congrats on the new bunny! So cute!!

  5. That green is gorgeous! Glad that you got time with your family even though the power went out. I hope jury duty goes well. I’ve served once but I’ve been picked at least ten times. I just can’t do it now with the kids.

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