Rhinebeck Reflections


You couldn’t beat the Fall Foliage upstate this year – it was really spectacular.  And Cold.  We arrived Thursday night, set up the camper and headed out to the Hyde Park Brew Pub.  We had been there last year and remembered the brew to be much better than it was this year – a little disappointing, but the food was good and just what we needed to warm us up.

Friday we headed out and just wandered around – ending up in Sheffield, MA eventually.  It was a beautiful ride, with some beautiful scenery….

Bob remembered a little resturant right outside the Campground, so on the way back, we stopped and I hopped out to check out the menu – it looked very promising so, later on we headed out for our first dinner at Portofino Ristorante.

Oh. My. God.  To say outstanding would be an understatement.  The food was amazing, our server, Debbie was top notch and I can honestly recommend this resturant to anyone without so much as a second of hesitation.  I actually said to Bob – should I blog it – Or should we keep it to ourselves???

Saturday – well, what can I say – we arrived a little after 9 am and we drove right in and parked – we waited a few minutes in line for admission but then a nice gentleman came over and collected all the exact change people and we were off!  I have to say – I thought I would buy more, and I was more than slightly overwhelmed by the zig zag line at the STR booth – Bob remarked “what the heck is that” and it was a little hard to explain it to him, but I think it sunk in when he rounded the corner and saw the display of yarn.

My First Purchase was some Ellens Half Pint……..something I talked myself out of last year and absolutely walked in, right up to this skein and had to have it.  Had to.  No doubt about it.  And it’s funny – Jeanne and I did not run into each other or talk to each other till after the buying……..and we bought the same colorway.

Fall Leaves.  The photo doesn’t do it justice but hey – it’s the time of day and the light,  But it’s amazing in person.

Then Bob surprised me with these….

Amazing Glass Stitchmarkers by Sheila & Michael Ernst.  Just amazing.  The glass needles!  OMG – Bob asked if I wanted a pair and I said no –  I know I would snap them in a flash.  But the markers, they were a sweet surprise from him and I love them.

Then, along came Maisy….

And the accompanying purchases to keep her housed and fed for the following few days with us in Rhinebeck.  I had brought up a carrier, but the bottom was not grated and I knew I would need another cage, so we lucked out at another vendor and bought what we needed for the Maister.

While Bob was guarding the bunny and trying to pick up knitters, I ran back for another look at Briar Rose and came away with this….

Grandma’s Blessing, 600 yards which will make a nice shawl.  The lines earlier were more than overwhelming and I caught it in a slight lull – which, let me tell you, was still busy.

From the Sheep Shed @ mountain view farm – which is way redder in person – which is why it caught my eye and I went against my not purchasing any spinning fiber resolution and bought this before I had a chance to think it over.  I don’t regret it and can’t wait to get some time to spin it.  And take better photo’s because it is an amazing ruby red color.

Some Greener Shades Metal Free Acid dyes also came home with me – I’ve got a little stash of wool and angora that I want to card and dye up.  The kit was for nine colors, 8 oz citric acid – enough to dye over 13 pounds of fiber and it was 35 bucks!  Plus the Metal Free thing got me.

I made my way back to Bob and Maisy when Bob decided he had to go somewhere.  I was left waiting with the bunny, and I did get a good idea of the cute attraction she made while I was waiting – people just love the bunny cuteness, that’s for sure.

Bob returned with a gift for me…..

This totally cute yarn bowl by Jennie the potter,  with both black and white sheep on it!  It’s got a little cut out that’s angled to keep your yarn ball in the bowl and the yarn feeding out the side – it’s too cute and I’m a little afraid to use it, but it definitely seems sturdy enough.  What a creative and nicely executed idea.  I’m always in awe of how creative people can be with tools for knitters.

My only wished for purchase that I just couldn’t do – Brooks Farm – I wanted a few skeins of Four Play – in a dark color – green preferebly – for Wicked –  and I just couldn’t get near half the yarn and the crowd was just too much for me.  I left without it.  I’ve looked at their site and can’t see any darker colors I like, so I will just bide my time.  And there is always next year….

After we left the festival, we went for another little drive and decided to go back to Portofino – it was closeby, and there was so much on their menu to choose from – I did call for reservations and it was a good thing – they were packed – but we had our same booth and Debbie The Wonder Woman – it was like we had been going there for years and I tell you, we will whenever we are near there again.

All in all a nice weekend getaway with the Husband, a nice fiber festival – I didn’t even mind the cold too much – we were warm sleeping – it was getting out from under those warm covers that was a shocker.  I did come home with a weird stiff neck – that was killer on Tuesday, but seems to be working its way out – I guess I left my neck out in the cold a bit.  But thankfully, I had two cowls with me and wore them almost all the time – even sleeping!!!  I need to make more cowls!

Have a Great Rest of the Week!



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  1. What wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing! I don’t get to go to most of these things (maybe when the kids are older), so it’s nice to see the pics. 🙂

    So, I have a question about the bunny. I had a rabbit once that was mean as a snake. She wouldn’t let me pet her without trying to bit off a finger (think the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python). Are all rabbits like that or can you pick yours up and hold them? Might be a silly question, but still. 🙂

  2. Great buys. I came home with a skein of Decadent Fibers in autumn colors and some earrings and stitch markers from another vendor. I really will have to make Briar Rose my first stop next year.

    Love the bunny, so cute!

  3. So sorry to have missed all the fun but I’m sure Bob was glad to not have me hogging the blankets! Make sure to bring Maisy to knitting group (not this week, though, since I’ll have to miss it for my own foliage-admiring trip).

    Nice scores!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like you had a great time…hopefully you didn’t forget anything 🙂

    Love the yarn, love the roving, stichmarkers. Too funny that we both bought the same colorway! And I have a mug from Jennie – it is one of my favorites…

    Maisy is just too cute! Can’t wait to see the baby bunnies!

  5. Love the color of your Briar Rose. Your bowl and stitch markers are so pretty, how nice of your husband to surprise you with them. Glad you had a nice trip and sorry we didn’t run into each other.

  6. That is quite a haul! Love the bunny! Can’t believe you got her! Good for you. It’s also killing me because I think we were probably feet away from each other in line – we arrived at the same time! Weird, huh? To think we were *thatclose* or could have been at any point. I loved that pottery, too. She had some cool mugs I was tempted by.

  7. I’m so envious you got to go Rhinebeck! One of these years I will get out there. I swear! Maisy looks like such a cutie! Is she as soft as she looks?

  8. I am sooo jealous of your gorgeous bunny! I’ve wanted one for ages, but hubby thinks four hens and a cat are enough for a tiny town garden! Now if only I could find a miniature sheep…
    Thanks for your kind words on my lace – I’ve spant the day lemonading about in the garden wearing it and commanding long-suffering hubby to take pics.

  9. Awesome purchases and gifts, including your cute little bunny 🙂

    Sorry about your neck…I have great sympathy for you as my neck was bothering me a lot. It wasn’t til I turned our heat up that it started to get better. From now on I know that my old bones do not tolerated the cold. Lesson learned…stay warm 🙂

  10. Wow- I am having serious yarn envy here- that purple yarn is fantastic.

    I have that bowl- it doesn’t have a yarn notch and a mug from Jennie and I love them.

    What a great time- I love the Ernst’s stuff- did you check out the buttons?

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