Meet Maisy


Meet Max’s new friend, Maisy!

Such a sweet girl! We found her hiding her face from the crowds of people walking through the barn she was in, but once she came out of that tee tiny crate she was in, we saw the real Maisy appear – Bob said while he was waiting for me to do a second look at a few places, they were quite the attraction.

Home today, more posts of yarn, crafts and much delicious food, later.


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  1. What sweetness! Are you planning on having a flood of little fuzzy bunny babies, or are you taking a side-trip to the vet on the way home?

  2. At first I couldn’t tell that she was a bunny because the pink nose is hidden. But her fur looks very soft. Have fun spinning with that!

  3. Maisie is adorable but the real reason I’m here is Dirty Jobs . . . do we still love Mike in spite of what he just did to that sheep in the promo?

    (sorry if this turns out to be a double post:-( )

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