Drive-By Fruiting


Or the quickest posting I can do – while laundering, binding off, packing and more laundering.  But one thing will be packed with me on the trip to Rhinebeck this weekend….

Hey Teach is done!  I think this is the fastest knit in the records of knitting – had I known it would be this fast, I would have finished it three weeks ago when I actually started it.  As it was, after having about 2 inches done on the back, I took this to group on Saturday, proceeded to add quite a bit to the back, finished it that night and just whipped through the fronts and sleeves.  I actually finished a sleeve on my fifteen minute break at work today – and I’m not spouting about my quickness as a knitter.  This pattern is easy, straightforward and super fast.  I did a few mods – a little longer in the breasticle area, and a little longer on the sleeves and I opted for the three buttons on the top instead of down the length of the button band.  I highly recommend this cute cardy!

And – ta da!  The winner of the 2000th comment contest is……….Turtle!  I’ll be gathering the goodies – maybe something from Rhinebeck if I can find what I’m looking for and getting that out to her next week. Thank you for all your comments and especially for reading!

Tomorrow is my Friday at work – and we are planning on leaving here tomorrow afternoon and heading upstate.  A nice little weekend getaway for us since Monday is our 24th Anniversary – I swear I don’t feel old enough to be married that long and I know I don’t act old enough, but it’s been the best 24 years and I can honestly say – He’s my favorite person.   Who else would consider going to a Sheep and Wool festival with his wife fun?

Have a Great Weekend!!!


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  1. How cute is that cardi? Now I think I need one.

    Please blog EVERYTHING at Rhinebeck for those of us on the other side of the planet.

    Here’s a fun fact: you got married on my 15th birthday. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh, it came out GORGEOUS! Congrats on 24 years, and on a husband who will go to Rhinebeck with you! (I’ll be there – please look for me? I’d love to meet you in person!)

  3. so cool, thank you!! yeah
    Enjoy enjoy! so nice you get to go, and the cardi is adorable…so was the pattern an easy knit or were you just cruisin? october is a good anniversary month, our 17th was this past friday.

  4. Your cardi is BEAUTIFUL 🙂 Very nice job…I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it.

    Have fun this weekend and congratulations on your 24th anniversary 🙂 We celebrated our 24th in May also. Hard to believe how the time went by so fast. Must mean that we’ve been having fun 😉

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