Signs of Insanity


I don’t know where I heard it or if I’m even remembering it right, but I think one of the Signs of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Hmmmmm.

Fir Cone Thrap (yes, that does say THRAP – my idea of a throw/wrap combination) ETA: yarn is Cascade 220, The Heathers #2453, Copper Heather.

Yep, I started yet another project.  That would be the “doing the same thing over and over” part.  The expecting different results part?  urm, maybe I could actually finish something?????

Honestly, I was sitting on the couch, doing Plastic Canvas (yes, I did just type that.  Do I like Plastic Canvas? NO.  But it is a project for work and I’m conservative committer when it comes to participating at work – so I had to stitch 10 canvas squares – I’m done.  My elbows hurt.  And all I can say for next time?  NOT IT.)  Anyway, couch, sitting, plastic canvas and I was chilly.  And I looked to the left – no warm, toasty fire going in the fireplace.  And I looked to the right – eeeks!  My Totally Autumn throw is in my bedroom.  Then I went to thinking how I don’t have that many throws or good, warm wraps.  And hey – didn’t I just tell Weezalana not too long ago how I lurved her Fir Cone wrap?  But wait – wouldn’t that pattern be awesome in a darker color that perfectly matches our couch.  And wow!  I just happen to have that BW Treasury and the yarn?

You see where this was going, yes?

Sure, I could have started a fire in the fireplace.  But I suck at that.  Really – I think I would be the only person you’ve ever met that couldn’t start a fire at all.  And of course, I could have gotten up and gotten the other throw out of my bedroom.  But that would have left me with the same problem.  Winter is coming and I’m short on the throws.  See? And the heating oil price…..oy.

I could justify practically anything, so if you ever need a justification just email me at

So, thence comes the calculations, the swatchification and the casting on – seriously – I could have looked on Ravelry first where you can see this, and this ….or even this.  But no, it was much more fun to just figure it out myself, being I didn’t want to spend the time walking into my bedroom to get that other throw….you know, totally makes sense, see?

Anywho.  This is an easy, repeatable pattern and I could just call it my Rhinebeck take-along project, right? (Lets not even address for one second the fact that yarn will be boughten at Rhinebeck and I wouldn’t think of casting on with it right then and there.  Lets. Not.)

Something I’m really looking forward to?  Marie Grace’s upcoming Tutorial on Twist Stitches/Traveling Stitches – I’ve always been interested in learning more about that and I’m excited about reading it.

I’ve recieved three very nice blog awards in the last few weeks – sorry I haven’t posted about it, but I would like to take the time to pass these along and, well, with all the project starting/stopping and justifications – I’ve strangely run into some shortages of the time.  I do so love the awards – and that  you read this blog?  So amazing to me still.  Thank you!

There are a few more Good Luck Cowls that have been finished!  Sarah knit hers out of handspun alapaca, Lucinda’s is a beautiful red and I love the colorway HPNY KNits picked for hers.   I’m thinking I would love to keep a gallery page of the finished cowls, so if you want, send me a link to your photo and I’ll start doing that – and thanks for taking the time to knit the pattern!

Ok – well, the sun is strangely coming out and it may end up being a nice day after all – enjoy!


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  1. I have heard that those are the signs of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results, but I don’t think it counts in knitting. Unless you’re ripping and re-knitting something a gazillion times without changing anything and expecting different results. Then you might need to re-think things.

    I think you should have many many throws in this day and age. Sure you could always get up and walk to the other room to get Totally Autumn, but what if someone else was using it?? More is better. Someday I’m going to knit myself a throw too. Maybe even Totally Autumn. Something nice and warm to wrap up in on cold evenings/days.

  2. I would be another person that does not know how to start a fire. Then again, I don’t really have a need for that skill in my climate. 😀

    My condolensces for having to do the PC. Just reading about it made me break out into hives. o.O

  3. Very nice throw! I think it makes sense to have more than one – I mean, you are giong to be cold in more than one room so makes sense to have one in each! What yarn are you using – gorgeous color!

  4. I love your projects, the colors are fabulous. What a great blog you have. Thanks for sharing. Knitters are all a little crazy I think, we do tend to do the same thing over and over, isn’t that what we call “knitting”?

  5. We had a gas fire insert fitted a few years ago, so I just flip a switch. You don’t get that lovely woodsmoke smell, but you do get warm.

    One can never have too many thraps.

  6. Oohh i love the brown in that design! plastic canvas, how funny! i ws just eyeing that in the craft store the other day and had forgotten about it, used to do so much of it years ago!

  7. Lovely yarn, thanks for listing the details. My mom loves that color, so now I have a starting point for a Christmas gift for her. *off to Ravelry to choose a pattern!*

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