Rainy Days and Chickies


We have a few new members of the Coop around here……

We have Five chicks that hatched – two yellow and three brown.  No telling yet if they are gals or guys….but they sure are cute right now.  Right after this photo was shot, the little thing zipped up and hid under my hair – which isn’t very long.  They are cute at this stage…..

And there’s a little evidence that although the knitting has slowed – the appliqueing has been going on.  This is what happens when I wander aimlessly around my studio, opening drawers, looking in fabric and viola!  A red and white cutwork quilt I started awhile ago – why don’t I finish that?

Why don’t I finish half the things around here that are, um, not finished?  In my own defense, I don’t have many things like that laying around – and it would look so nice put together…..but I’m so easily led astray.

One panel of the Winter Wonderland Quilt Sampler – it is just awesome – A friend of mine at work showed me a corner of this in a magazine last week – I love Snowman, have collected them since we’ve been married (24 years next month!!!) and when I went to the quilt shop to get some more red for the Applique quilt, this was hanging on their wall.  Needless to say – I’ve started that, too.  All over the place, anyone?  Sheesh,  all I can say is………at least I’m crafting!

And just so you don’t think I’ve abandoned all thoughts or deeds of knitting…

That’s a delicous little bit of Claudia Hand Painted sock yarn – in all my favorite Fall colors.  This is just a plain toe up – but really, with yarn like this – is there anything “plain” about it???  It had me thinking – I just have this beside me on the couch and I love looking at it, picking it up and doing a row or two in between everything else – while the other eleventyfive projects I have in the knitting basket just lay about.  It’s the yarn…its a joy to hold, amazing to knit.   I know all the other yarn I have is pretty and nice and I try to do my best matching up yarn to pattern, but sometimes there is just something about A yarn – and in this particular yarn it is the Colors that are drawing me in.  It suits my mood, the season, and looking out my front window as I knit and seeing all the green still on the trees?  It helps me picture the riot of color that I know just waits around the corner.

I love Fall.  Autumn is my all time favorite season of the year.  I know everything seems like it is dying, drying up and getting ready to sleep away for the winter, but to me it feels like things are so vibrant and the most alive just before  we head into the long winter…..My second favorite season.

So there has been knitting and quilting and sewing and reading and work, work, work.  Talking about reading – that up there is the most recent book in the Outlander series – I have read them all since July – and I’m sooooo sad.  I really want to keep reading about Claire and Jamie – and I know that Jeanne says there will be another book, the last book, but I don’t think its going to be out until September ’09!   I’ve picked up the first in the Lord John Series, but bah!  I don’t think it will be the same.  If you’ve read these books and have any recommendations for similar series, I’d love to hear them.  I really enjoyed them and I just might start reading them all over again while waiting for that 7th book.

The days are just flying by right now and I can scarcely wrap my head around the fact that September is nearly over.  It makes me more than a little grateful for rainy weekends that force me to stay in and catch up on all those things I like to do.



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  1. Your little chick is too cute. It must be fun having them around to watch 🙂

    I’m pretty good at finishing my knitting projects, but I have to confess I have a quilt project and a cross stitch project that I’ve had in the works for too long now. I just love knitting…I can’t help it, so I think that’s why i gravitate towards it! Good luck finishing everything. You new socks are awesome…love the colors 🙂

  2. Love the chick- aren’t they adorable?

    I have a few quilt projects waiting to be finished, and I also adore fall and winter. Spring is nice, but I could really live without hot and humid weather.

    I always say I’m going to live in an Igloo with Nanook of the north, and take my yarn with me, of course. I wonder what whale blubber tastes like.

  3. My dad says that you can sex chicks by checking their wingtips; apparently if they have little white coarser feathers on their wings, they’re roosters.

    And I agree; sometimes handpainted yarns are beautiful enough on their own. But for me, sometimes I love them even more on the reverse stockinette.

  4. My mom is a snowman collector as well… she would love your project. Me? I’m in love with the socks. Fall is my favorite time of year and that colorway is totally me. Gotta get me some.

  5. The Lord John series is ok but I didn’t find it as interesting as the Outlander series. I read it because the wait is so long between books that I just had to read something else by her. Plus they are much shorter so it doesn’t take forever to read them. I read the latest one this summer. There is an Outlander group on Ravelry that keeps up to date on everything.

    If you like quilting and mindless reading, there is the Quilt Camp series by Jennifer Chiaverini. I don’t quilt but found them in the library and have since read every one.

    Love the little chick, what a cutie.

  6. The Lord John series just doesn’t do it for me. They’re quick and dirty and they can be fun, but they don’t nearly compare to the Outlander series. So don’t go into it with high expectations, mmkay?

    I’m lovin’ the quilts! The first one reminds me of a Hawaiian quilt!

  7. I have to agree. This time of year is my favorite time of year. Love Autumn, the cool crisp weather, apples and pumpkin pies… then my favorite no-stress-just-enjoy-holiday- Thanksgiving… then Christmas and SNOW, glorious SNOW!! Nothing better than having the shelves stocked, a soup or stew simmering and something lovely on the needles…
    I love the time of year!!

  8. i always loved snowmen but admit the collection started when we moved to hawaii years ago, guess i couldn’t build them…. wherever did you find the design you are using? love it in the red!!!

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