Nothing to see here…..


Honestly.  I’m sooooo far behind on anything I wanted to get done.  And yet, I keep throwing things in my own way – such as – finishing up some quilt blocks I started a long time ago. Yes, I said quilting – I am a multi-faceted crafty person.  And that is my other big hobby.  That I haven’t done in like a year.

You didn’t think I was going to put a picture here, did you?

I should be recovering from some surgery right about now.  It’s been a up and down few weeks, but let’s just sum up.  A lump and tenderness on my left breast lead to a doctors visit, which lead to a surgeon’s visit, leading to an ultrasound in which neither I, the technician or the radiologist could locate said lump. (Good times, most fun anyone can have, EVER)  Since the surgeon has assured me it’s not cancerous and just the annoyance of the fibrocystic breastic thingic ( i don’t know really what to call it to make it any less pain in the assy to say) and since I’m feeling ever so much better without the chemical hormones I was taking – we are revisitng the breast in a month.  (Halloooo breast, how are you?) At which time, although no one is going to be stupid here – we are soooo hoping it’s just gone – it has been shrinking.  And as I said – no stupid here, please.

Which could explain the different directions my brain has been running in lately and my extreme lack of focus on my project, mmmkay?  I’m going with that.

And since comments have slowed to a crawl (people, you do know that when I get close to 2000 comments I’m having a contest and er, you’re not really helping the cause here………but I can’t blame you as I have neglected to POST so you could COMMENT)  I’ll be annoucing that when you all drown me in comments on this highly entertaining and illuminating, cliff-hangerish post.  Without Pictures.

Yes, I do know how to keep them coming around.

The Hey Teach is like, maybe an inch in length.  No kidding.  Lets take a vote to see who thinks this will be my Rhinebeck sweater, shall we?  And speaking of Rhinebeck – going, camping, gonna have a great time and hopefully not freeze the tuckus off.  Also, going prepared with bunny carrier just in case anything or any-bun decided to adopt us and head on back here.

And just to make things a little bit more complete………mail arrived today with my very own, often not thunk about notice for Jury Duty.

Don’t you wish you were me?


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  1. That’s is good news, but it will be good to keep an eye on it. As someone who is very familiar with fibroctytic breasts I understand your concern. Lucky you getting to go to Rhinebeck… enjoy 🙂

  2. That runs in my family, but thankfully, it seems to have passed me by. Maybe it’s because God gave me so little? lol I hope everything turns out okay and that your breast doesn’t start talking back to you. (Don’t smack me…heehee!)

  3. A ha!! The sneaky contest-announcement stuck in the middle of a bunch of plain text…you want comments, you say?

    Well so do I, honey, but strangely enough things are pretty dry my way as well – maybe it’s not cold enough for people to be thinking knitting and blogging, yet. Not that my blog can really be called a knitting blog, though, can it?

    By the way I went and got that four-years’-overdue pap test you once commanded me to get (Too Much Information! Stop there!) and all’s clear. So thanks for that kick in the pants…it doesn’t do to neglect these things.

  4. It probably shouldn’t have been, and says a lot about me as a reader and a human being, but the Breast Paragraph was truly funny!

  5. Will keep all parts crossed that the lump has vanished! Like my ability to sleep. Especially with a husband who likes to open every loud snacky bag at midnight. But that’s beside the point…

  6. Wow! You’ve had a lot on your plate. I hope you’ll take it easy. I look forward to seeing your quilt blocks. The only quilting I can manage is Crazy Quilting where the 1/4 seam is not mandatory. 🙂

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