Battening Down the Hatches


Although we are not on the coast – we are still going to feel the effects of Hanna today.  She is sitting just to the west of us right now – and I felt the first drops of rain as I was sitting on the back steps, trying to take this photo……

Baby Cable Rib socks using Plymouth Yarn Rockin’ Sox.  See that big honkin knot cluster?  That’s what I’m currently knitting off of.  I started these socks Wednesday after I remembered that everything else I’m working on requires looking at a chart or working from written directions.  These are my work/I can’t think anymore today socks.  I haven’t had time to actually work on them on my breaks at work yet – but once our schedules settle down and we know when are breaks are – I’ll be taking refuge with these  from time to time to clear out the old head.

Getting back to work went well – we have a nice class and I’m lucky to be working with another great teacher this year.  If this past week is any indication – it’s going to be a fun year.  I did forget how much work tends to interfer with my free time and blog time and knitting time and basically all the time I like to do other things, but this is just a matter of getting back to balancing that all out.  I’ve a few unexpected things to take care of in the next week or so – I’m hoping that is all it will take to get these things out of the way – those afterschool appointments are great time suckers too.  But the sock will come along – if anything – to keep my hands busy and my mind occupied.  This soupy weekend will probably be spent just catching up on home stuff and sticking close by.  I opted not to go along with the knitting group to a fiber festival tomorrow – but I’m totally planning on going to Rhinebeck this year.

Thanks for all the kind words and support over that darn mouse problem – the room seems to be only occupied by me – the traps go unvisited and I’m thinking it might have to do with the peppermint oil – or maybe that mouse caught wind of what I was planning on the blog…..I don’t know – but as long as they stay away, things will be fine.  Just to clarify – no yarn was injured in the process – they hadn’t started to chew away at that – thankfully.  They were, from what I could tell, storing food for the cold winter ahead.  And we do, no matter how we try to prevent it, get mice when the weather turns cold – it’s just one of the things you get with an older house in the country – those little field mice love to snuggle down in warm places when it’s cold outside.  We can’t have a cat to help out because I’m allergic and I won’t keep an outside cat.  So it’s up to us humans to control the unwanted visitors in our house.  We’ve lived here for nearly 20 years and this is the first time they’ve dared to try to move into my yarn!!!

Things might be quieter around this blog for a bit – but I’m still around and still knitting.  And planning a contest to celebrate the upcoming 2000th comment on this here blog……..stay tuned and keep dry!


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  1. If they could just snuggle down and get warm without chewing anything up (and go outside to go to the potty), I probably wouldn’t mind them so much. I had gerbils as a kid, so mice have never scared me much. Just nasty little buggers.

    Glad to hear that school is going well for you this year. 🙂 Mom has a good class this year, too.

  2. We’re getting the rain from Hanna too today. Good day to stay inside.

    Awful knots in your sock yarn 😦 I hate it when that happens.
    Happy back to school and happy knitting 🙂

  3. Hanna was certainly a rain-maker. The showhall I was at on Saturday sprung a leak right AT my booth…(sigh) and they got 6 inches of rain.

    We didn’t float away, thankfully – hope you survived as well!

    And if I don’t have mindless sock knitting to do? Well, I lose my mind…!

  4. We’re getting ready for the influx – this time of year, we get a few mice here and there. R sets traps and we spend the winter trying to de-mouse the house. ;o) The fun of owning an old house! I’m just happy they’re only mice…we live across the street from a dairy farm and I’ve heard horror stories…*shudder*

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