What is Worse Than MOth’s??????


What?  What could possibly be worse than finding a Moth – or several in your Fiber Studio.  In with your yarn, your roving, invading your sacred space?

It all started when I finished the Tidal Wave Socks.  And went to the stuido in search of the yarn for the next pair.  Because you know, you cannot have empty sock needles.  No.

Honestly – I never even thought I could find something worse than moth’s.  That would have been the ultimate bad thing to try to invade my stash.

Until yesterday.

Until I went looking for that next skein of sock yarn.

At first, while I was looking through the “sock bin”, which is one of those fabric cubes you slide into a book case, I thought – Hey, what’s that weird white stuff on that skein?  I picked up the skein, heart beating a bit faster and noticed…………..the corner of the fabric cube?  Chewed.  Chewed and that was the white stuff on the skein.  Slowly, I started to emply the bin.  One skein at a time, looking at each and sighing a little when each one looked ok.  Then, as the skeins left the bin and I could see down into the bottom…..I saw…………bird seed.

Son of a fecking Mouse.

See, we moved my husbands parrot when the oldest came home – he’s a screamer and wakes people up.  So we let him stay in my studio.  He’s fine.  But the bird seed – a big draw.  It’s like a neon resturant for the mices.  And I had/have every intention of moving that bird back into the living room when he left for school – which was yesterday.  Before the cool weather set in and the outside critters started to search for inside spaces – we live in the country – it happens.  After all – they ate our camper.

There aren’t any photo’s.  I was shaking and near tears as I cleaned out that entire bin, and started checking on other bins – one other bin had a corner chewed out but no bird seed “stashed” amoungst my stash.  Feckers.  I hate them.  This means war.

You don’t mess with a knitters stash.  Oh. No. You. Didn’t.

I’ve peppermint oiled on cotton balls every drawer, cubby, bin in that room – I also stuck some in the camper for good measure because – you will not eat our camper again, you little bastids.

And there are traps.  Now – if you are a catch and release person – fine.  I am not.  This is too much.  They are destructive.  They will be taken care of.  And I don’t care how it’s done.  They must be banished.  Gone.  Away with them.

Not in my freaking yarn, you little shits.

Now, I’m thinking it is one wayward soul who’s schedule was a little messed up from the cool weather we had in the beginning of the week – i had just been in that sock bin not too long ago.  All was well.  So it is very recent – like the last week – that this abomination has tried to move in, squat, so to speak, in my nice comfy, cozy, costly yarn.

Ah.  I don’t think so.

The new socks are cast on – picture will be coming.  Gale is finally blocked.  Again, picture later.  Another pattern is picked out – I call it the comfort pattern, because I am well and truly traumatized – and will be cast on later today.  It’s the last of the holiday – tomorrow – work.  But for today – my studio smells like peppermint, it is sunny and breezy, we will be making sauce with tomatoes from the garden and enjoying the last BBQ we can cram in this weekend.

And we will not be taking any new renters this fall.

That is all.


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  1. Oh no!!! I’m not a catch and release type o’ gal either. Last year, they got into all our Fall/Christmas decorations and I was mad then. I can’t even *begin* to imagine them getting into my yarn. I think I would be patrolling with a B-B gun. lol

    Does the peppermint oil on cotton balls work well? I haven’t tried that one.

  2. No way man, you can’t afford to go easy on those bastards. If you can stand the smell of patchouli oil (real oil, not ‘scented’), they hate it. They will have a little rodent exodus with toothpicks over their shoulders and your last crumbs of cheese tied up in scraps of handkerchiefs.

    But it doesn’t kill them.

    Watch it – we got rid of two and congratulated ourselves…until a week or so later when hunger drove their litter of THREE children out of the woodwork and into the kitchen.

  3. Damn the torpedoes- full steam ahead.

    That’s actually the first time I’ve heard of them chewing yarn- but they’ve definitely crossed the line.

    It’s that time of year.

  4. Thanks so much for the congratulations! We’re just thrilled.

    Anyways mice are awful. We get them every year, too and we live in the city! Decon works wonders. I put some out in the basement and the problem is solved.

  5. Sorry. I’m not a trap and release kind of gal when it comes to mice or rats. Or anything creepy crawly.

    Just kitties.
    BTW…can you have a cat? Have we been here before? (I’m wondering b/c I think I mentioned this with the camper mess, too)
    I have to go check my plastic bins…

  6. You go! I hates those little sons of bitches – kill them all! I don’t care how cute they look, they’ll eat you out of house, home and fiber!

    btw, you catch, you release, they not only find their way back but they bring friends. *shudder*

  7. Hi there,
    Get those stinkin critters!!! Nothing is more sacred than your stash.
    I have a question. What is a cowl? I love the pattern you designed and want to try it out. I think this would look nice for socks too. Sure hope that you do more designing. I look forward to making a “C original pattern”.

  8. Oh, No! I’m glad you discovered the evidence before it got any worse.

    We get little bitty field mice wandering into our house from time to time. Our cats do NOT have a catch & release policy. I certainly don’t feel sorry for any mice stupid enough to come into a house with two cats.

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