Mission Accomplished


Or…..the yarn was gotten.  Got.  Aquired.  Purchased.  All in the same dye lot, too.  Go figure – there is a dye lot God, after all.

So far – two sleeves and the start of the body.  It’s a nice knit.  Chunkier than I thought it would be from the look of the photo’s, so it may be a cooler weather garment than I had originally thought.  That’s ok, though.  I also have queued up Hey, Teach.………..another sweater that is pulling at me.  I happen to have a reasonable amount of Ultra Alpaca and I’m thinking it may be right for that.  I do much better with garments like that – things that might snug around my bust line, but drape downward.  But not tooooo snug, if you know what I mean.  And higher necklines do not flatter me.  Which is why, sadly, I think the February Lady may just not be a good fit for me.  I’m thinking on it a bit more, but honestly, after looking through a lot of finished sweaters, I kind of know what looks flattering on me and what doesn’t.  And I think that might fall into the doesn’t category.  Sad.  But the chesticles – they do get in the way of fit sometimes.  I’m such a ripper, but a ripper with a cause.

My other project of late is trying to “rehabilitate” our yellow lab.  She is actually my dog.  I wanted her.  I had to have a girl dog – because I was the lone female presence in our home.  Well, turns out – she’s a wild pig.  She dribbles water all over after taking a drink (not that I expect her to daintily wipe her muzzle, but sheesh, we are talking trails of water), she burps, she farts and smells, too.  Smelly, farty, undainty girl dog.  So much for having another “feminine” soul in the house.  (BTW, just to reinforce – she just burped) She can jump straight up into the air, all four paws leaving the ground at the same time – she is a ball of energy and really needs walks and exercise.  She twirls around you like a cat (only so much bigger, so not a cute little manuevr) when you pet her.  She steals things off the kitchen counter.  She gets into the garbage.  I’ve tried nearly everything and then came along  my new favorite program while knitting – the Dog Whisperer – I’m totally hooked and he’s a miracle worker.  And I know this first hand.  I just took my first ever painless walk with Bailee, the piggy dog, and I WAS leader of the pac.  She totally got it.  She was a frickin angel.  I walked, she walked along side me, responding to the corrections I gave her, which meant she didn’t drag me down the road.   I mean, it’s not like I’ve never walked her or trained her, but we just never got the don’tdragmedownthestairsandthestreet concept down.  Today, she practically tiptoed down all thirteen steps – that “ssssssshhhht” sound that he uses totally gets her attention.  Calm and submissive – those are definitely key points for training this dog.  I had done submissive training with her early on when she was a puppy, just because she was soooooo Alpha, we had a bit of problem getting her to sit still for anything – she wanted to be incharge of everyone.  But damn, if I had know about Cesar back then, we would have definitely tried his methods.  We made it to the corner and back with not too much of a fuss – she encountered 7 deer – and stayed right by my side!!!!  Unbelieveable.  7 Deer!  I’m serious.  A single fawn alone, 2 deer that bolted out in front of us, and then on the way back 4 more deer that whizzed right by us.  I’m amazed.  I have incorporated other things into her daily training – and they are all working.  Now I just have to finish reading his book – and see what advice he gives for the kitchen counter thing.

DH had the day off today so we caught up on some errands and he’s been busy churning out the Yarn Swifts.  Along with dog training today – there’s been cleaning of the rabbit hutch – and an unfortunate encounted between my wrist and the rabbits next box falling on it.  And Knitting – so the injury isn’t too bad.  We’ll be ordering dinner in – DH had a gift card for a nearby Italian Resturant and we will be ordering something besides pizza tonight!  The rest of the weekend will be spent getting Oldest ready to move back to his dorm, taking him there and BBQing in the neighborhood.

Have a Great Weekend!

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!


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  1. Pretty color yarn. When we had dogs we used Cesear’s methods and they always worked out so well. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. We love the Dog Whisperer in our house! My dog has a total crush on him, and sometimes when the show is on, and he’s talking… she’ll get up from her nap and go stand right in front of the TV and sniff it. Heh.

  3. If she was going to interrupt your blogging, with all the bodily functions you listed, at least she chose burping. . .

  4. Pretty very pretty, the pattern and the yarn – finding matching dye lots is hard! Yaay that you did it!

    I’ll have to find that dog whisperer book, too. My dog is starting to run amuck.

  5. I like the Kelso cardigan, that’s been added to my Rav queue too. I do like the February Lady sweater and I think it can work for those with an actual chest. I’ve been browsing through the finished projects on Rav, but what I think I will do, is bring the garter stitch line below the bust and then start the gull lace section. My thought is that it will create an umpire waistline. That’s my thought, but of course, it could be wrong. I hope that works out.

  6. I’m glad the dye lot Gods were good to you. lol I keep thinking about casting on for another sweater (short sleeved or a tank), but I just can’t do it with that CPH staring at me. I guess I just need to buck up and finish it.

    We love The Dog Whisperer, too. 🙂 Very smart man.

  7. Have I got a match for your poochie! Our nephdog . . . dog in law maybe?. . . anyways, Mathboy’s parents live with an oversized black lab and he’s a burping/farting/people dragging/water trailing/ leg twining goofball too. I suspect that you can change all but the water trailing (through diet, training etc.) because, if your beast is as much of a lab as she sounds, she loves water and wants to take it with her by scooping up a mouthful and wandering away with it. Sigh.

  8. Beautiful stitch pattern. Love the blue 🙂

    I’m in the same boat as you as I have all men in my household. We don’t have a dog, but if we did it would be a girl dog. I laughed about Bailey!! She is just like one of the boys 😉 I’m too chicken to get a dog. I’m afraid the dog would be stubborn just like the boys and I would be more stressed than I am now. Glad to hear about the dog whisperer…I’ll keep it in mind in case I ever change my mind about getting a dog 🙂

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