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Summer Vacation is quickly winding down for us.  Just a few more days.  A few more.  Every year, it seems like summer just picks up more speed than the last, and pretty soon, the kids are back in school, I’m back at school and we pick up the thrhythm again.  It’s not the warm days I’ll miss.  It’s the time.  The time we get to be with our family and friends that we just don’t have the freedom of for the rest of the year.  Oh sure, we see them – of course.  But that freedom  – to hang out on a Wednesday night by the campfire?  Not so much on a “School Night”.  Why do we do that?  We’re grownups  – we can lose a little sleep, right?  The spur of the moment day trips.  The Tuesday night concerts that last for hours…………..

We took our youngest to see ZZ Top last night  – and Brooks & Dunn and a newcomer named James Otto.  It was a really nice, outdoor concert at the opening night of The Great Allentown Fair.  But it’s been a long enough time for me to forget  – the people.  Oy.  We bought seats in the, well, SEAT section.  They actually have a whole entire section in the middle in front of the damn stage for people who WANT to stand.  It’s called the STANDING section.  Get it?  Seats for sitting,  Standing for STANDING.  Which I wish I could have said to the two couples who were so busy moving everyone out of their way so THEY could see – but they stood up in front of us I don’t know how many times.  And really – I don’t need to see that kind of arse shaking in front of my face.  Don’t get me wrong – there were times when even the SEats people were on their feet – but for the most part, a lot of us were aware that there might be people behind us that might not be able to  um, SEE?  Feckers.  The nice couple to my right got a really good photo of one, er, gentleman, shaking his thang, instead of Brooks & Dunn performing with ZZ Top.  That’s a good memory I’m sure.   It was an amazing concert – a beautiful night, so the feckless foursome really couldn’t do too much to ruin it.  I think our section of seats actually clapped at THEM, when the moved up to the standing section for awhile! 

Oh, the knitting?  Well, let’s see – the second Tidal Wave sock is on it’s way – it really doesn’t look any different from the first, so I didn’t want to bore you with another photo till they’re done.  Pacific Islands is on the 13th repeat – 4 more to go and this half will be done.  And I’m still wanting to cast on for something new.  No, itching is more like it.  In fact – did you see the Kelso Lace Cardigan?  After purchasing it and downloading yesterday – I ran out to a popular crafts store and found the yarn!  Yes!  In the same color  – which I love!  Yes!  and there was lots of stock!  And there was not more than two skeins with matching dye lots in the bunch.  ?  So, I picked another color I liked.  And there was lots of stock!  And again – no more than three matching skeins.  And people?  We are talking out of 12, 15 skeins of yarn of each color on those shelves?  Not enough to make anything that needed more that 2 skeins in most cases!!!  What the flip?  So, I did get a “Sales Associate” over to help me.  And I lucked out – this was her DEPARTMENT, so she would know what she’s talking about.  Right?  mmmmkay.  Not so much.  And when she pointed out to me that all the skeins had the same number on them?  I said – uh, that’s the number of the color.  This long number over here?  Where it says Dye Lot?  That’s the number that’s really important.  And she said to me…………”oh!  I know that.  This is my department”

Le sigh. 

So, I’m mosying over to another Popular craft store in the hopes that this was a mad, mad skewing of the time/space/dye lot continuim, and the planets have lined up overnight, and I will find 5 skeins of any of the three colors I wish to make this cardy out of.  Because it’s perfect for fall.  So perfect, that I can push out the February Lady Sweater without a slight tinge of guilt.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Not being able to get enough of a certain dyelot is very frustrating. I’ve been known to call around and either drive or get my husband (on his way home from work) to pick it up just to get them all the same!

    Good luck 🙂

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