The One Where the Yarn Talks


And what it has to say doesn’t really start out too nice…..

Yarn:  Hey!  You there!  You so-called Knitter?

Me:  Huh?  (looking guiltily around)

Yarn:  Yeah, you!  How long am I going to sit on your dresser, hidden under a bunch of stuff – by the way – time to clean the dresser, it’s getting crowded over here!

Me:  (Damn!  The yarn found me!) Um, ah, I’m not entirely happy with the pattern I’ve picked for you….

Yarn:  Again?  Sheesh.  What is this, like the fourth time you’ve found THE pattern only to have it turn out to be the wrong one?

Me:  Well, I’m going to take my time and while I’m working on this other project……

Yarn:  ANOTHER PROJECT???  Are you crazy?  How fickle can you be?  Have you no shame?  How long do I get to sit here while you make up your mind?

Me:  Pretty Fickle, but what’s your point?

Yarn:  My point is, after all the winding, and untangling and knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping you would think you’d want to see me actually KNIT up into something??  How bout it?

Me:  frick. frick. frick.

Yarn:  That’s what I thought. 

So the yarn, it guilted me.  And then I decided it was probably right.  I was having way too much fun knitting Pacific Islands, while the seasilk just sat and languished on the dresser, covered up, so I wouldn’t have to look at it too often.  Because of the guilt.  When was I going to finally decide what this yarn was supposed to be?

I put Pacific Islands aside……….I had unfinished business and I didn’t think I would get any peace – or enjoyment until I made a decision.  I did try to pile even more stuff on top of the knitting on my dresser, but everytime I walked by, some corner was peeking out at me.  Damn Wiley Yarn.

So I knit.  And I Nupped.  And I knit some more.

And even though I whacked my right hand hard yesterday and cracked my middle finger and it’s really sore and it turns out to be my Nupping finger, I kept on knitting.


And that Seasilk? The yarn that has been dogging me since the day I decided to wind it on the ball winder?  Well, it’s knit.  And I love it.  It will spend its time as the Swallowtail Shawl – which, I would love to make another – bigger and NOT out of the Seasilk.  But since I’ve been accused of being fickle……….I’ll have to get back to Pacific Islands now….But I will block this shawl out – I can’t wait to see what it looks like after blocking – I’m very excited.  This yarn really did suck the life out of me.   Beautiful?  Yes, absolutely.  Sticky? Shit yeah.  I had such a problem with it while knitting this that I actually ended up cutting a wadded up ball of knots – I’ve never cut yarn because I couldn’t de-knot it before.  Never.  But it is gorgeous knit up.  It just has a life and a mind of its own.  Sometimes, when the yarn talks?  We really need to listen.

And promptly after taking these two photos, my camera battery died.  So I have to wait to show you what yarn I bought Saturday when Jeanne and I went to Kraemers.  Their remodel came out very nice.  They have lots of yarn and a lot of people were there for classes on Saturday.  Still – I get a bit fustrated when almost every yarn I pick up isn’t priced – and I was a little put off that the person who was helping me get prices actually started to ring me out – I was not necessarily buying the yarn I wanted prices on until I found out what the prices were.  That was a bit unsettling.  Still, a good time shopping and lunching with Jeanne and going to knitting group later on. 

And because Jeanne was kind enough to talk me through the update and subsequent downloading of lots of new apps over at the itunes store, I’ve discovered a little knitters tool over there.  If you go on over to itunes and to the “apps store”  do a search on “Stitchminder”.  it’s a cool little row counter for knitters and it’s Free!

My oldest put together another shelving unit for my studio today – which was super nice of him since I really didn’t want to whack that finger again.  Nine more cubbies to be filled – I told DH I would vacate that room downstairs and I’ve really  NOT been doing that because I’m kind of running out of room – well, I have lots of room but throwing it in the room and just calling it a day isn’t the right thing to do.  We have some rain coming our way – again – and I’m guessing it would be a good idea to at least spend a little time on that.   Summer is coming to an end (sob!) and I’d like to have that studio in less chaos by then – it’s just too darn messy right now!

Wish me luck!


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  1. So pretty Chris! I have to admit though, I hate it when my yarn bullies me into submission. This kind of makes me fear my new stash location. (Pics on the blog when it’s all organized. Really. I promise!)

    Also, yes . . . unpriced yarn is frustrating. That’s part of the reason that online stores are my most common yarn experiences. No falling in love with something only to find that it’s $40 for an ounce of lovely.

  2. The sign of a true knitting addict…keep on knitting even when injured 😉

    Sometimes it takes me a long time to find a pattern for some yarns…it’s weird, but I have wait until it screams at me that’s the right pattern 🙂

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