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Or, how ’bout some knitting?

Hedgerow Socks made with Cascade Hertiage Sock Yarn – pattern is fan-flippin-tastic and the yarn is to die for – so glad I have another skein in the stash!

and more knitting…..

Phiaro………….or the blob.  Right now, although the yarn is very pretty, it’s just a blob o’ knitting.  But when it’s done, I’m guessing the resemblence to blob will be gone.  Just a titch on the boring side, if you aren’t watching a movie or listening to someone or something entertaining but I think I’ll muddle through. 

Still waiting on the yarn delivery.  Sorta sounds like the Milk Delivery or the Newspaper Delivery – wouldn’t that be a kick?  We could have yarn delivered like the Milk used to get delivered, out on the porch in a special “basket” where it would be left, fresh, each morning? I’m dying to cast on for a new stole – be it Pacific Islands or Gnarled Oakwoods – whichever yarn gets here first is what I’m casting on for.  I’ve narrowed down the choices for the Japanese yarn – so far, Hanami  and Japanese Feather Stole, the later winning –  Something about the shawl, the name, It really appeals to me.  I prefer the Stoles lately to the triangular shawls – although I’ve made plenty of them and do enjoy the way they knit up.  Lace knitting during the summer and the HOT and now the HUMID (which I hates almost as much as the HOT, probably more) appeals to me much more than heavier knitting.  And it is HUMID today.  Stupid HUMID.  I really know for a fact that I would not do very well in the land south of where we live – and I know, also, that I shouldn’t be complaining about this summer’s weather – it has not been bad at all.  But I can’t help it.  HOT and HUMID get me cranky and, worst of all?  I sweat.  I do not like to sweat.  This could be why the aversion to exercise, and the subsequent overweightness thing. 

I would feel so much better if the yarn came today, I know it. 

I’m sure everyone in the knitting world has seen the debut of Twist Collective and Knotions – I can’t help but think how very lucky we are to have such wonderful resources at our fingertips.  I hardly ever stop to think about it – but honestly?  Being someone who’s been playing with fiber for over 30 years, just the sheer amount of growth is staggering.  I remember how scarce patterns and yarn were.  I remember when there wasn’t such a thing as the interent (GASP!) – I know I would be severely withdrawn if I could not just click over to a pattern and purchase it within mere seconds.  What would I do if I couldn’t search on a solution to a knitting problem, or a new pattern or yarn, yarn, yarn?  The wealth of technical infomation available to search and learn from?    I would not be waiting for yarn I had ordered over the internet – damn, I would not have near the selection that we have now!  I would certainly not have this amazing Community I feel a part of.  Staggering, mind-blowing and so, so grateful.  I know I am a much better knitter for it all.  And just when I think we couldn’t have any MORE – we have two new fabulous on-line knitting resources such as these – amazing! 

Jeanne is having a contest – head on over there and give her your best suggestion and you’ll have a chance at winning some nice yarn. 

I………….am off to wait.  For yarn.  To be delivered.  sigh.


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  1. Very nice socks. 🙂 I still haven’t been able to snag any of that yarn, though. And I’m so with you on the sweat aversion. *shudder* I can not wait for cooler weather.

  2. I’ve often wished for the milkman delivery- but yarn delivery in the morning- wouldn’t that be the ulitmate.

    I really dislike hot and humid- and remember, men sweat, we glisten!

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