New Shop Candy (Schmandy) and A Winner


Sometimes, I forget how much fun I have making these.  New Schmandy for the shop – go check it out.  I’ve more to make, so if you’ve got any special color in mind – drop me a comment and we’ll work on it together (my other favorite thing to do!)

And a winner has been choosen…………………The Other Jeanne!!!  Now, since The Other Jeanne has given up blogging (for now, I hope), you’ll have to take my word for it that she’s a fab gal, and I’ll be happily assembling the gifts for her prize.  Thanks to everyone who commented and also for the Birthday Wishes!  I had a nice Birthday, spent a little time online shopping (birthday mula) and went out to a very nice dinner with my family.  Who can ask for anything more? 

So how was your weekend?  I relaxed and was very lazy – other than cleaning and a little laundry – I mostly knit and read and knit. Went for a motorcycle ride with DH yesterday, visiting a favorite Winery and then heading home for a nice afternoon on the patio.   I’m this close to finishing the Hedgerow sock – one foot left to go and I’m anxiously awaiting some yarn in the mail, so I can start something new.  I haven’t decided which shawl will be knit with the Japanese yarn yet – too many wonderful choices to mull over – but I have decided to start the Pacific Islands Shawl and I’m all set and ready to go………..when the yarn gets here!  Oh!  In other knits – I’ve designed and knit a Cowl – just waiting for the blocking to be complete and I will knit another, going over my pattern to make sure there isn’t anything I left out.  I’ll post both photo’s and instructions when I’m done – nothing too fancy, but I’m happy with it.  I can see how handy Cowls will be – especially for those of us who ride motorcycles – I’m always looking for something in the cooler weather to wrap around my neck without the bulk and flapping of a scarf and they are the perfect solution.


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  1. Forgot to mention: On the cable neck warmer, I am not going to put the buttons on it. I will use one of your gorgeous pins instead!!

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