Stormy Sunday and a Contest!


One Tofutsies sock.  Yes, I said one.  And because I was bored out of my mind, had a haul of sock yarn crying out to me – I cast on for these…

For the overcast morning we have here – this is unbelievably bright – it’s a bit more muted, deeper red – but then again, reds are hard to photograph acurately.  That is Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn.  It is just amazing, soft but sproingy and very niced to work with.  I chose the Hedgerow Sock Pattern, which calls for a semi – solid, but I think this works fine for me.  I do love the texture in knitting.

We all headed into LI yesterday for a family BBQ at my MIL’s house.  It was great to see everyone – and my SIL from Japan brought me a few goodies……

It’s a nice fingering weight yarn that I think will look lovely worked up as something Lace………suggestions?  And Some Japanese cable needles – I’m looking forward to trying those!  My youngest SIL is doing great with her knitting – I can’t believe how much she’s done in such a short time and it was great to sit and talk and knit together.  We don’t get to do that as often as I’d like.  She also mentioned a very cool sock pattern using left over sock yarn of different colors that creates a spiraled effect – I’ll have to search that out on Ravelry because it sounds like fun. 

We were woken up abruptly this morning at 3am for a nasty little thunderstorm – and from the weather reports there is more in store for us later today.  I don’t mind – I do love to watch the lightning flicker across the sky, if only I hadn’t been up for three nights in a row at 3 am, I would have enjoyed it more.  As it was, we were home at almost midnight and I was sorely lacking in sleep.  I think a little knitting and perhaps a nap might be in store for me today – we are just relaxing at home. 

I know I mentioned I wanted to have a contest for my Birthday so here you go –  – send me a suggestion by Thursday, July 31st, for a lace stole or shawl pattern (I think I have a little over 1300 yards of this)  for the japanese yarn up there, and I’ll enter you to win a little assortment of knitting goodies – spread the word and ready, set, go!!!


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  1. Um. Considering my last lace experience, I think I’ll just sit this one out. lol

    Anyhow, thanks for the little review on the Cascade sock yarn! I’ve been wondering it it was any good, so now I’m off to track some down. 🙂

    Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

  2. I’ve enjoyed Alix’s Prayer Shawl (enough to have it in the queue for a second go-round as the first was gifted); another thought would be to check the Knitspot patterns by Anne Hanson – she has a lot of beautiful patterns for all sorts of wraps and shawls!

    I think you might find the stash-buster spiral sock pattern on Grumperina’s blog….

  3. Gray is such an underused yarn color — glad you’re going to put some to use!

    What’s the difference between a Japanese cable needle and the ones we’re accustomed to?

  4. What about a Knitspot Simurgh? Or Fiddlesticks Knitting has a Beech Leaf Shawl that will leave you with enough to make another scarf or small shawl also.

  5. That’s some lovely yarn! I wish I could help and name a pattern but I have such a hard time deciding for myself – how could I even begin to try to help someone else? ;o)

  6. I say save it for Anne Hanson’s new shawl, it looks like it’s gonna be a real beauty when she’s done.

    The socks are Stashbuster Spirals from the Six-Sock-Knitalong Yahoo Group.

  7. That stuff looks lovely.
    The Shetland Triangle is my favorite shawl out there, and for some reason I always associate that silvery grey with the Shetland Islands, perhaps it’s their misty locale?

  8. How about the Sun Ray Shawl? It’s free and very pretty. Good luck with whatever you choose to make. Can’t wait to see it!

  9. I love the red sock, it’s going to be smashing.
    May I suggest Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style as an excellent match for your yarn? I can totally see it.

  10. My first thought is Seascape from the latest Knitty (but I’m sure whatever you make will be gorgeous).

  11. I’m eyeing the Print O’ the Wave Stole even though I’ve not knit much (any) lace. I think you should go first!

  12. I haven’t looked to see if anyone else has these down but Jeanie, #334H Heather Undulating Waves Scarf (with beads even!), or (and my new favourite) Hanami. Particularly appropriate with japanese yarn methinks.

  13. Another choice from GOL – Faux Russian Stole – I think in that colorway it would be stunning!

    (Happy Birthday, hon! Love the new markers!)

  14. I bet you’re up to the task of designing your own shawl – and it would be gorgeous. But if not… I think Evelyn Clark’s Shetland shawl (I’m not 100 percent sure of the name, but it’s in Wrap Style) was so much fun to make – it’s enough of a pattern to be interesting, but not so bad as to be onerous, either. I made one for my MIL, and now think I’m about to make another for myself.

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