I’ve Been Grandma’d


Welp, I’m back from the camping trip to the Catskills.  After driving nearly seven hours Tuesday, picking Mom up from LI and bringing her home here, so we can leave sometime on Wednesday for another 3 hours or so on the road.  The trip up wasn’t too bad – we hit traffic immediately upon getting onto RT 80.  Lovely.  We made it up to my Sisters by about 2:30 – not too bad considering it was my first drive up and we had traffic and whatnot to contend with. 

The trailer is very nice – and the set up outside seemed just begging to be graced with a bit of knitting.  After getting settled that is exactly what I did – pulled out my knitting, sat myself down and dug in. 

And then………….I was Grandma’d.

By my very own Mother.

She was leaving the camper and looked at me knitting, and remarked “aw, lookit…. Grandma”.

What the French, Toast?

Was I just summarily dissed, insulted and put down by my own flesh and blood?  Did the woman who gave birth to me, who watched my learn to crochet at the arm of my God-mother, who has on more than one occasion, been the receipient of said knitting and crocheting…………just insult me?

Yes, she did. 

Now, I hope someday to BE a Grandma.  I don’t understand why people use this as a put down – after all – someone who knits and is a Grandma probably knit well before she was graced with grandchildren. Still,  I know all those put downs have been around for as long as we’ve been knitting and crocheting.  I’ve never really been on the receiving end of something like that before.  And my reaction was immediate.  I screwed up my face………..said “what the Fudge???” (only I didn’t really say “fudge” if you know what I mean).   Now, is this the worst thing that’s ever been said to me?  No, of course not.  But something about being put down by someone who is supposed to know you, know your likes and dislikes, know what’s important to you, something about THAT just cuts.  Because really, in the end, it sorta means that all that knowing you?  All that respecting whats important to you?  Hmmm – maybe not so much afterall. 

My cousin, who heard the remark, immediately took herself right back to her camper, got her big bag of crochet and came back to sit and enjoy the rest of the night – which was a great show of support and way to stick by your fellow fiber peep.  But darn it. 

Did it stop me from knitting around the campfire each night?  No.  Did it stop me from enjoying myself?  No.  Stick and Stones and all that aside, I know sometimes people just say things before they have a chance to think or because they think they are funny.  None of that will ever stop or take away from the enjoyment I get from Knitting.  It cracks me up that it was my own Mom, though. 

I’m exhausted.  I really didn’t sleep well for whatever reason.  I’m glad to be home.  And I”m even more happy to have the knitting community here and in my Knitting Group.  It will certainly make me think twice before I open my mouth, to spew a judgement, about something or someone I apparently don’t know much about. 

It’s so funny – My Mother used to tell me…………if you can’t say something nice……….don’t say anything at all.


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  1. Ouch – that hurt didn’t it.

    I was Grandma’d by a colleague when I pulled some knitting out to fill in time waiting for a meeting to start. I think it was meant to be a bit of a joke, but not a too friendly one.

    So I decided to take it as a badge of honour. I am proud of my knitting – and I suspect that I was knitting something for my grandchild anyhow. Damn you I thought – yes I am doing what your grandma may have done, and I would love to see lots more people doing it. Thank you – yes I am a Granny!

    Janet McKinney

  2. I agree with Awesome Mom. All I have to do is attempt to take back her hand-knits that I’ve gifted her and suddenly I have a retraction and a flowery speech about how wonderfully I knit (and please, please, please don’t take my socks). LOL

    Next time you’re around her, you ought to pull out a WIP thong and start knitting away. Bet that would shock the Grandma comments right out of her. *snicker*

  3. Ouch! I’m pretty sure I would have felt the same way – and you may want to buy her a pair of socks from a store next time she asks for a handknit pair!

  4. I love that, what the french, toast? Too funny. You should tell your mother if she doesn’t have anything nice to say, nothing is appreciated!! Haha

  5. No more handknits for her!

    Nothing cuts like a dig from your mom though does it? I’ll never forget my own dear Mum telling me that I was “a hairy little thing” and that I have “thumb toes” She wouldn’t hurt a fly but *Ouch!*

    Incidentally, I’m at the wrong age for “Grandma”. . . Instead, when I knit in public, people assume that rabbits are dead and buns are in the oven.

  6. oh no…

    I don’t blame you for being pissed…usually when someone says something like that to me I point out that I happen to have pointy sticks – and I’m *not* afraid to use them. ;op

  7. What a shame – that would sting. A neighbour’s friend said something like that to me when she met me and I had my knitting with me. I replied “You think you can shame me, but I am Out and Proud. Laugh away.” She didn’t know what to think and tittered nervously. Take that, beyotch.

  8. Been there, done that, only with my husband. I pointed out the average age of the Ravelry people, and also mentioned that it kept my sane. And too bad, I like doing it. And maybe he should do something about the car parts scattered around my kitchen. And living room. And bedroom… And… He hasn’t commented since.

  9. I got grandma’d a lot in junior high whenever I disclosed the fact that I liked to knit. So I used to knit -in secret-. It took a long while for me to get over that. Kids, huh?

    But really, I was shocked that it was your mother that did it.

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