What I Knit On My Summer Vacation



Baby Cable Rib Socks.  Ancient Threads Yarn.  Finished while vacationing in New Hampshire. 

I had so much knitting with me…………but really, I think reading cut into my knitting time.  It’s been so long since I’ve read consistantly – and this is strange for me since I was a read my book, especially before bedtime kind of person.  I just found that the last year or so, my concentration has really been off, so reading was more of a read a few pages……….snap……..what the hell did I just read experience.  I think I’ve got my read back. 

I did manage to start a new pair of socks – tofutsies just toe up with a 4 x 4 rib. 

The mini yarn crawl with Jeanne on Wednesday was a lot of fun – already, I’m making up for not buying scads on vacation and managed to come home with a skein or two of yarn and plenty of ideas for purchasing more!!!  Bah to yarn diets!

But heck if I wasn’t bent on finishing up something when I GOT home – one of the items from the bag o’ knitting that I planned on finishing on vacation – Gale.  Finished her up and bound her off at knitting group yesterday – will be blocking shortly, but had to include a pre-block photo – you know, just to prove I’ve been knitting.

I’m in a mood – I ripped out two projects yesterday – frogged the heck outta them.  Montego Bay and the Shoalwater Shawl.  You know, when you step back from some things – they just don’t do it for you anymore?  We’ll these smacked of that.  And I’m a big believer in not spending time that I should be enjoying myself at knitting, plodding along on something that just isn’t going to be pleasing me when I’m done with it.  So rip them I did.  The yarn will be better used on a pattern or two that I really like.  I find that when I let something go into hibernation for too long, I’ve already decided that it’s just not the project for me.  I do give it the time to make sure, but I don’t feel any guilt in re-assigning the yarn to something that I’ll enjoy more.  I just consider those items really big swatches.  

Today, instead of Kayaking down the river as we had sorta planned – we are going to the Kayak Store and running a few other errands.  Storms are brewing about and it’s already very humid and hazy.  I’ll be spending some time trying on a new project for the sea silk I ripped, and seeing if it works for the yardage I’ve got – 660yds.  If not, It might just be destined to be a Swallowtail or Shetland Triangle.  I’ve never made Swallowtail though I’ve made 2 Shetlands.  

Busy week ahead – Monday brings an oil change on the car and cleaning because Tuesday I’ll be driving into LI to pick up Mom to bring her back and spend the night here, before we head up to my Sis’s campsite on Wednesday, where I’ll probably be spending the night.  That’s a fair bit of driving – too bad I can’t bribe Mom into doing the driving so I can knit!

Have a good week!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂 I love the colors in the socks and I can’t wait to see Gale blocked. My brief lace experience was embarrassing. Thankfully, one of my friends took pity on me and fixed it before it was too late. lol

  2. The baby cable rib socks are so cute. I used to be a huge reader before I took up knitting, so I know what you mean. I’m glad you were able to get your read on!

    Yay for finishing Gale too. Sometimes letting projects sit is the kiss of death for me. Sometimes I come back to them and others times, they just get ripped.

  3. The Tofutsies yarn is delectable. . . Any time I can sheath my feet in purple. . . I think I’ll be ordering some of that for myself.

  4. Much purple – what’s with that? I’m doing it too!

    Lovely stuff you’ve been knitting…

    I like the idea of ripping out…what doesn’t work. I’m not sure I have anything in that category right now, but I’d do it if I did!

  5. I love the color of Gale, beautiful.
    I’m with you on the just-frog-it mentality. If something’s not making me happy I just get rid of it.

  6. I love the way the TOFUtsies are knitting up. Gale looks gorgeous unblocked. I can’t imagine the beauty of it once blocked.

    I admire you for rippin’ those projects! Woot!

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