What I Did On My Summer Vacation


Basin Lake, New Hampshire.

Relaxed.  Knit. Spin.  Read. Kayak.  Take Pictures.  Eat.  Sleep.  Ah. 

Vermont was wonderful.  The weather was spotty, but we didn’t mind at all.  Thunderstorms and rain practically each day, but that left reasons to go visiting Ben & Jerry’s, Cabot Cheeses, Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, Burton Snowboards, Burlington for a meal at The Shanty and just general vacationing about.  I think Vermont was definitely my favorite part of the trip – the three of us really enjoyed being together and it was so nice to spend some alone time with our youngest son, although it felt so strange not to have the oldest one with us and we missed him.  We spend the second half camped around that lake – and kayaking in it a good deal.  DH bought me a new, smaller kayak as we brought two with us, and we had a wonderful time kayaking over ten miles down the Androscroggin River one day.



  The last few days of the week warmed up, the skies cleared and there was no rain to be had.  It was so peaceful listening to the sounds of the resident Loon calling, and sitting around campfires at night talking. 



 I did manage to finish one pair of socks and start another, read 5 or 6 books and visit a yarn shop or four.  Two of which I walked out of without a purchase, I might add.  What I was expecting, I don’t know.  But I really wanted a bit of local flavor,  and found myself a bit disappointed that some shops  seemed so generic.  No local yarns, or dyers to be seen – and frankly – if I can buy it at home, why would I lug it around while I’m camping?   Don’t get me wrong – I did manage to buy some sock yarns and some Ultra Alpaca for a sweater – but the only reason that was purchased was because the pattern was at hand and something that came together on the spot.  Otherwise – the yarn purchases were very light this trip – light enough for DH to actually comment on it!!!!

We arrived home to the HOT.  I do not like the HOT.  I was very happy not to have to deal with it while we were camping, most nights requiring a sweatshirt or wrapping myself in Hypotenuese by the campfire.  But the HOT.  It’s here.  Summer.  But today – lunch with Jeanne and a trip to the yarn shop – just to look around, honest. 

What are you doing on your summer vacation?


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  1. I’m sooooooooo envious. Vermont? Camping on the lake in NH? Loons? Knitting??? Reading?
    (I think you might leave the kayaking off for me, but I’m glad you love it!)
    What a PERFECT VACAY!!!

  2. Sounds absolutely lovely – I know what you mean about yarn stores – I suppose they are serving the needs of the locals and not necessarily the yarn tourists? Still, supporting local artists would be one of my aims (you know, with my mythical yarn store).

    Hug Jeanne for me!

  3. VT sounds like it was great. I had relatives in Cabot and loved it up there. I am so envious, I really have to plan a trip.

    My vacation started this afternoon and I leave for a knitting retreat tomorrow at a rustic resort. I can’t wait.

    I’m with you on the heat, ours is supposed to go away tonight and I am patiently waiting for that.

    Love your pictures, they are just beautiful.

  4. Welcome back. We went to Virginia . . . and someday I might even post about it on my blog!

    I’m so very jealous of your trip. Particularly the Teddy Bear Factory and the loons. I sleep with a Vermont Teddy every night (it’s that or steal all the covers so that I have an armful!) and it’s easily been three years since I last heard the call of a loon. *sigh*

  5. Sounds like you had a glorious vacation. The pictures are pretty damned glorious too. So sorry you had to return to the hot, but I’m glad you’re back!

  6. Vermont looks amazing- looks like a great time.

    I know what you mean about the yarn shops- I’m thinking that we have been impacted by internet shopping- and probably some shops can’t meet our high expectations.

  7. That first picture is beautiful!

    We will be going to Wyoming for our vacation – driving there, in the camper. It’s my first trip west of Pennsylvania so I’m pretty excited about it. ;o)

  8. Great pictures. Sounds like a nice relaxing vacation 🙂 Lucky you getting to shop for yarn 🙂 I didn’t see one yarn shop on my vacation. Doubt it if my boys would have let me search for one…guess I’ll have to make up for it later…not that I really need any yarn, LOL 🙂

  9. Love love love all the pics but that first one is freaking me out. I have one JUST LIKE IT! It was taken at the lake in NH where the Old Man of the Mountain used to be, which is not apparently the same lake as you have pictured. I must find my pics from long ago and compare the two! Lovely photos!

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