Do Over


Sometimes (or often, in my case) knit’s just don’t work out the way you want them to.  Usually, it doesn’t take me half a sock to figure that out.

These were the Undulating Rib socks.  Meh.  The pattern was really lost in the yarn.  Jeanne suggest Baby Cable Rib.  So Baby Cable Rib it is – I’m much happier with the way these are turning out – just enough patterning to keep me interested. 

I’ve been keeping to my pledge to spin Just Ten Minutes A Day so far………

This basket was overflowing with fiber and I’ve managed to get it to a level state – and half a bobbins worth of spinning – I’m wondering if I’ll get much more than a bobbins worth of singles out of this. 

Spinning and Knitting at Jeanne’s yesterday – always a good time, but this time there was fiber purchases involved…..

Sakina Needles BFL, Gram Negative colorway – just gorgeous. 

Sakina Needles BFL, Squashed colorway – too gorgeous for me not to start spinning almost immediately!  I’ve never spun BFL before, but I really enjoyed it.  I’ll be finishing up this fiber and the Gram Negative on vacation – if I can tear myself away from it for now!  Thanks Jeanne!!

Northwest NJ Knitters can now be found on Ravelry – Jeanne had the wonderful idea to move the group information over there and I thought is was a great idea!  So if you’re in the area, come on over and join us!

To my Dad and my DH – Happy Father’s Day!  And a Happy Day to all those Dad’s out there – enjoy the day!



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  1. Sure wish I lived closer to you so I could take you up on your offer…just you offering means a lot to me…Thanks 🙂

    Baby cable rib is a great pattern and it’s perfect for your yarn!
    Yum, that fiber looks delicious…can’t wait to see it spun.

    happy knitting 🙂

  2. Love the rovings – can’t wait to see the yarn! Maybe you should buy more before vacation…cuz I think you may be finished with it before then! Very pretty sock! Thanks for coming over yesterday – and thanks for the pastries!

  3. Wow, I just love the squashy fiber. I have to get on board with this ’10 minutes a day’ process and lower my fiber level; at least I could justify more purchases then:)

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