Do It!


Carole over at Carole Knits has started a little something!  She’s made a pledge and invited other’s to join in and spin for just Ten Minutes A Day!  I can do that!  You can do that?  Heck, I complain for at least 10 minutes how I wish I had just 10 minutes to spin or do whatever else it is that I’m missing.  So, go on over and check out her blog – she’s made a button to grab and started a Ravelry Group to join.  

I have actually done more spinning lately – started this blue fiber – which I think is probably merino – I tend to gravitate towards that.  I bought it about 2 summers ago at Halcyon while we were motorcycling around Maine – and promptly forgot about it – but I had spun up a bit of it on the drop spindle I purchased at the same time.  Now, this spindle has been laying around my studio for awhile – I’ve periodically searched for the roving to continue spinning it – but as you know, sometimes fiber looks very different after it’s been spun up.  Well, I had given up finding this particular bag and just pulled something out last weekend – when it was too stinking hot to do anything but sit still and at least prepare a little fiber.  As I was working on it – I realized the colors were starting to look very similar to that spindle – Viola – found it.  But sooooo different in the bag I had it in, that it comletely threw me. 

Jeanne and I were IM’ing the other night and she was sending these links of wonderful roving – and before I could blink, we had decided to combine and order some – I hear tell she’s gotten it – fast! – but the roving fairy has not visited my mail box yet, so I may have to wait till this weeks meetup to get it – which is killing me.   Jeanne, I’m so jealous you are looking at all the nice fiber that I have to insist that next time we order – it’s going to have to be to my house!!!

I have knit some this week – but we had a blast furnace going on all weekend and it really didn’t break till late Tuesday night.  I managed to sit in the air conditioning in the bedroom and work on Montego Bay – but not much else.  A bit on the socks – but even with the AC – it really was too hot.  One more full day and then 5 hours left of school on Monday – and then – vacation preparations.  Camper is being repaired this weekend – and the insurance is covering it!!!  We’ve gotten much appreciated advice on how to keep this from happening again – and basically it boils down to keeping the critters out in the first place.  Not easy to do, but we are going to try.  But just to let you know – if you’ve insured your camper – and something like this happens to you – make sure to call your insurance company – this is way more common than I even imagined and it is covered on our basic policy, so it might be covered on yours – and if it’s not – you might want to add it – from all I’ve read on the internets – it happens all the time.

Oh!  And I’ve picked my guitar back up with a little inspiration from a friend at work – I may just be able to passably play jingle bells in time for the holidays…..

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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  1. That is a great idea, my 10 minutes would stretch to 30, but maybe that’s really the idea- just sit down at the wheel!

    Hope it’s cooled down there a bit, send some warmth my way, we’re stuck in the 50s!

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