Spunky Eclectic, Wool Blend in “Walkabout”

This past Sunday was not as good as it could have been – aside from getting an ucky cold, more traumatically – we opened the camper. 

Let me tell you how destructive MICE are.  You would think by looking at the damage they’ve done to our camper tenting that these creatures are as big as oppossums with as many teeth.  Bastids.  This is war.  Not only do we have to replace all but one section of the tenting?  But then, we have to figure out how to keep the little so and so’s out.  Permanently.  Needless to say, DH and I were sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  Although the dealer is very helpful – we still have to get this straightened out before our camping trip.  Or we will be camping in a patchwork camper.  The dealer has assured us it can all be done and good as new in good time.  But mice?  We will be steel wooling, caulking, spray foaming every crack and crevice we find, and we’ve stocked up on the traps – and already caught one offender. 

edit:  We did have a small mousish problem last year – so we did take the mothball challenge.  And we placed the mothballs in the camper – we had heard this was an excellent way to keep them away.  ahem.  It didn’t work.  As a matter of fact – the last offender was found in the trap placed right next to the mothballs.  sigh.  We do think it kept them out of the lower area of the camper, so we will definitely add it to our weaponry this time, but from all the we’ve read, you have to stop the suckers from getting in. 

Staying home from work Monday and Tuesday (fever) and a little blurry eyed but not too blurry eyed to do some spinning – in between the napping.  And I’m not a napper.  But nap I did.  And spin.  And watch the movies.  I might have knit a little.  But that there up top?  That’s the spinning – two skeins.  And I tried a little something different this time.  I split the 4 oz. up as best I could in equal amounts using my scale.  After spinning them, I first put an empty TP paper tube on the ball winder and wound off.  I like to ply from both ends of a ball but hate when I get a vomited ball from the center.  So I let the balls sit for a day or so – and had a nice little place to put my thumb after I took the ball off the TP tube – no tangle.  No mass from the center.  It worked out well.  I’ve two skeins of about DK weight , probably about 400 yds. 

I also managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping before the sick and the sicker – 13 balls of Queensland Kathmandu DK for the B-side cardy and a spare bobbin for my Woolee Winder.  The yarn came yesterday and the bobbin arrived today.  Now – I can spin two bobbins worth and ply off the third using the lazy kate.  This is my delayed MDS&W shopping – both things I had planned on purchasing if I went – yarn for a sweater and the bobbin – or two.  Of course, now that there are 13 balls of yarn sitting here beside me – we will have over 90 degree weather this weekend!  Perfect for knitting on a wool cardy, no? 

Other exciting news – Bear visits Saturday night in the driveway to dine on the garbage it very quietly slid out of our huge garbage can and Monday – after DS2 came home from school, I heard my across the street neighbor banging pots together – I said to DS2 – is there a bear across the street?  He was all Oh.  Yeah.  We passed him while we were walking home from the bus stop.  The visits are getting more frequent and I’m thinking we might just need to contact our Fish and Game Dept.  I hear it’s a Momma and two cubs and you don’t want to get anywhere near or between a Momma Bear and her cubs.  I love the country.  Love the wildlife.  But I don’t love that they don’t have the healthy fear of us that we have of them.  The garbage cans will probably have to be put in the garage and hopefully no food, no service, no visits. 

Knitting on Montego bay and the satanically beautiful Sea Silk.  I say satanic because – that sucker loves to tangle every chance it gets and sticky?  Sticky.  Just beautiful worked up but what a bit of a pain in the tuckus to work with.  The stuff just has a life and will of it’s own.  Beautiful, though.  It will be a great scarf and I will wear the heck out of it.  Just to pay it back. 

One more day and the super hot weekend arrives!


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  1. Have you ever tried mothballs? We had an unheated cottage and my Dad was always faithful putting down newspaper on the furniture with mothballs when he closed the cottage up for the winter. Never had any problems with mice. When my sister and family took over the cottage they stopped using the mothballs, and boy did they get infested. They had to throw out all the furniture.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Wow — quite the animal adventure park you’ve got going there! Thank goodness for pretty yarn to distract you. . .

  3. Where to start? Bears? Egads. I’ll take my crazy raccoons any day. LOL

    As for the mice, that sucks. I think you read about my “invasion” around Christmas-time. I still can’t believe how much they chewed up. We haven’t had anymore since we bought stock in steel wool. *snort*

    The spinning looks beautiful! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Pretty yarn! Someone very nice must have given you that roving :-). Sorry about the mice – stupid animals. Hope you get the camper fixed in time for your vacation!

  5. Mice: they don’t like patchouli oil. Of course, a lot of people are deterred by it as well.

    But apparently they don’t cross it, so you can sort of apply it wherever they might be tempted to get in.

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