Twinings in all it’s blocked finishedness!  I haven’t woven the two ends in yet, but the sun was shining this morning and the photo opportunity was there. 

Close-up of the stich pattern and wonderful Yarn.


This was a wonderful knit – I loved everything about it.  I’m not upset that it took from December till now – I really didn’t want to stop knitting it and I think this is one of those knits to be savored.

Hopefully, even though it’s supposed to warm up this weekend, I’ll be able to throw it on and show it off in the evenings.  Yard stuff, camper stuff and general fixing things up stuff today – BBQ later, tomorrow looks like a motorcycle/scooter day and Monday?  Who knows!!  I’m just so darn glad to have the long weekend without rain to enjoy. 

The week was a whirlwind of getting things done, appointments and a special treat to myself yesterday – Mani/Pedi day – and it was a little slice of heaven.  For the first time in a long time, I have 10 fingernails that are mine, long enough to manicure and look decent now!  The toesies don’t look too bad either.  I feel like I’m out of my little schlump – yes I was schlumped, quiet and a little on the keep to myself side.  Nothing bad, but when I’m not feeling tip top and whining (yes, I do whine and I’m even sick of myself when I do it) I tend to just hunker down and ride it out.  Nothing news worthy – I’m fine, the family’s fine, the pets are fine – just a little bump for me and that’s all I’m going to say – I’ve taken to not posting my health issues anymore – the fibro is always around and really?  It’s not like I’m having a “relapse” of that  annoyance – it just is what it is.  I always appreciated the sympathy and feel better wishes, but noticed that I was putting more of that stuff in here than I ever intended. I’m not dissing anyone who talks about their health on their blogs – you’re choice – but I don’t want or need to have too much worry about me – and frankly – stuff gets around.  I don’t pick up the phone and broadcast how I’m feeling for that very simple reason, so why put it on the blog?  I include enough life stuff here to hopefully keep it interesting!

Now, back to the knitting.  Awhile back I had purchased some of that kauni yarn for a cardigan.  Well, after motoring around the interwebs- I really don’t think this is a cardigan for me.  But, after seeing Dr. Girlfriends Clapotis and a few other’s around Ravelry – I think I’m going to cast on for this with the Kauni yarn – perfect, since I wanted to make another but really didn’t know what yarn to use.  I’ve got the sock in the works, Gale is the next savory knit on those needles – and the B-side cardigan – well, I would like to make a smaller size in that, so you know what that means.  Don’t say it.  It’s a dirty word. 

Enjoy the long weekend!


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  1. That is a beautiful project you have posted there! While I certainly don’t wish bad weather for you, I hope it’s just cool enough that you can wear it and show it off.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Your shawl is beautiful! I’ve been keeping an eye out for new lace patterns, I’ll have to remember this one.

  3. Hello!!!

    Chris-that shawl is freakin’ beautiful-I love it!!! The yarn/color is perfect, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

    How many days left until school is out for you? We are out the 11th (my own kids are out a week later). Maybe we can finally meet up for lunch????

    Enjoy the weekend!


  4. Twinings is lovely Chris. I’m curious about the Kauni though. Is it itchy?? If so, do you think it will continue to be itchy after you wash it?

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