Where I Finish Something


But can’t show it to you. 

Twinings is done!  Cast off!  Grafted!  But – it’s so dismal and dark here today what with the rain that I cannot in good conscience take a photo of it – that would just not do it any justice.  So you will have to take my word for it – from December 7th till now – it has been a joy to knit.  And I will be taking photo’s when the sun peaks out again.  Because did I mention the rain?  Yes, we have been getting rained on.  And it’s cold!  So cold that they had to turn the heat BACK on at work.  Because of all the whining that went on yesterday, in addition to the inappropriate clothing we were all wearing (spring clothes, go figure) and then, did I also say there was some whining?  There was a lot of that and then shivering too.  And coat wearing.  And general complaining and I might have caught some bitching. 

Anywho – I think I know what my next cardigan is going to be.  Have you seen the B-Side???  And it’s done in Manos silk blend?  And isn’t that just a wonderful combination?  I love the green it’s done in, so that may have to be purchased – probably stealth purchasing would be best. 

This week is one of my favoritist weeks of the year – it’s conference week!  What does that mean?  It means that for today and the rest of the week – I leave work, guilt free, unencumbered by any obligation to stay there, at 1pm.  Two whole hours early!  Do you know what I can do in two extra hours that I don’t have to be at work?  Well – today, for instance – I finished Twinings!  Tomorrow – I shall go to an appointment and get a hair cut!  Thursday?  Two more hours!  Friday – still two more!!  

With another FO out from under my needles – it leaves me feeling quite sparsh in the project area.  Hmmm – too bad the cold weather isn’t going to stay around too much longer –  I would have a good reason to start that cardy this week!

And just a thanks and sorry if I don’t answer all the comments – when WP did their latest upgrade?  They sorta, kinda forgot  to switch over that nifty ability we had to answer comments directly from email – I was told they are working on it. 


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  1. Amazing photo! (hehe, when I first typed that it came out as amazon photo). 🙂 Love the flower.

    Oooh, enjoy all your extra hours. That sounds fab.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that with WordPress, too. Although, the snarky little technician that emailed me back told me that the problem had to be on *my* end, not theirs. Uh…sure. lol

    I can’t wait to see pics of Twinings!

  3. “Dark and dismal,” and yet you bless us with that purple flower. I see light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. Twinings is a terrific design- can’t wait to see it.

    Sparse in the project area- what’s that like?

    (Bubblesknits- that is the cutest kitty face ever!)

  5. Here at the bottom of the world, where autumn is doing her thing, it is such a treat to see your beautiful spring pics!

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