Maybe We Need More Rain.


So happy Mother’s Day was spent in the sun.  When I look at the forecast for the next few days – it really doesn’t seem to be drying out much.  More knitting time, you say?  One can only hope that it would be the perk to getting more rain.  It is now intensely green outside, everywhere.  All different shades and tones.  There is, of course a lot of Pink and Purple in all the flowers out in the yard – the Iris’s are blooming and fading just as fast as they do.  The birds are LOUD and many. 

This has been a real Rat Bastard of a week – I know I must say that sort of thing a lot – but damn.  You can certainly tell in the energy that works it way through the who population of school that the “end” is near and summer vacation is almost so close you can touch it – or at least make annoying noises till I wanna help you get there.  Thanks to our Spring Book Fair – I’ve three new books to take along on summer vacation in Vermont and Maine.  I’ll be planning the knitting projects soon too.  But first – I am going to make a wonderful welcome home dinner for our college boy – he’s home!  Everyone benefits from that one.  Then, I’m going to sleep long and late tomorrow – or at least force myself to stay in bed later than 6 am.  I am going to tidy up the house and catch up on laundry this weekend.  I feel a very distinct urge to get things uncluttered and cleared out.  That Spring cleaning out type of thing.  I’m going to knit.  I’m going to have dinner with some friends.  I’m going to relax and spend as much time as they’ll let me, with my family. 

These are good plans.  I hope you have some, too. 


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  1. Please no. I’m going stir crazy with all this rain! I was finally able to wash the yicky black streaks off the camper yesterday but I couldn’t open it because it started *pouring*. Plus I have a new sweater that I need to photograph and I can’t because it’s too *bleeping* dark out!

    Anyway, I hope you’re having a good weekend! ;o)

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