One is The Loneliest Number


For socks that is.  No worries – I’ve already cast on for the mate – but haven’t had a chance to knit past the cuff.  I plan on hunkering down with that one tonight.  Sometimes, my socks are on the needles a lot longer than I planned on, and this pair is becoming one of those.  I’d really like to finish these up by the end of the week – totally possible but not entirely probable.  These are the Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks from Favorite Socks.  Love that book.  I’ve got quite a few patterns in it queued up and I’m looking for a nice light color to knit on the next pair.  I have to say, my sock pattern books are some of my favorite books to thumb through and I wouldn’t trade a single one in.  They are definitely my most used resource when it comes to my sock-knitting.  I know there are so many resources on the net – tons of free patterns even – but something about paging through a book laying in bed, lounging outside with a few pattern books at my side or just putting one in my knitting bag to look through in a spare moment here or there – you just can’t  do that with the internet.  I have a good amount of knitting books on or near my bedside table – and it’s perfect reading for winding down before bed, or for those sleepless times encountered. 

Thanks for all the comments on the know-it-all problems and young drivers.  I shudder a little at all the stories you wrote about the drivers you encountered!  Pretty scary times.  I wish people would just slow the heck down, take a minute and a breath – being a few minutes late is so much better than causing an accident.  And the know-it-alls?  Apparently they don’t know it all – or else they would know they were a know-it-all! 

Tomorrow is Friday.  Blessed, blessed Friday.  It’s sorta like a cool drink of water after a long walk through the week.  Who decided work weeks should be longer than weekends?  It really doesn’t seem fair. 


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  1. Nice sock – and I have a pair of “takingalotlongerthantheyshould” socks too – hoping to get the second one started this weekend. It has been a long week…but today is my Friday! Hope your Friday gets here fast!

  2. Very pretty, if lonely, sock. =)

    A cool drink of water sounds like an excellent idea or a Friday, either one, this week has been YUCK.

  3. I know what you mean about being able to flip through a book while lying in bed. Letting the inspiration rain down on you before you head off to dreamland is so sweet.

    Love your sock! I hope you get to accomplish your finishing goal!

  4. Which is worse? One complete sock or two partially finished ones?

    I have completely lost interest in my Diagonal Cross Ribs. Do I abandon all knitting until my mojo comes back or switch to something more inspiring?

    All these questions.

    Pretty sock, though.

  5. I’m the same way. Love flipping through pattern books or magazines. It is so excited with all those possibilities at your fingertips.

    Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

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