The last two days have been sooooo wonderfully springy!  I could absolutely get used to this weather – 70’s, breezy, pleasant all around – and forgo the summer heat.   Sitting on the patio, knitting while the bunnster is in his “playpen” is just a little bit o’ heaven here.  Makes me kind of lazy.  But in a read a book, knit some on this shawl, kick back and relax sorta way.  It’s nice to see the sun, even if there are a few showers around.

While I find the weather outside so pleasant, I’ve had a few encounters with  “persons” who just seem to do their darndest to piss me off.  Maybe it’s the pollen?  Maybe it’s just spring fever.  I don’t know.  I do know, no one likes a know-it-all.  Hardly anyone I know appreciates unsolicited advice followed by a “why would you do any different???” type of comment.  And I especially didn’t appreciate getting cut off by a teenager today – who decided that turning into 50 mile an hour traffic was a really good idea – you’re lucky I’m the kind of driver that anticipates assholes like you.  And I know for a fact – if your mother just saw what you did – she’d kick your ass right after taking your car keys away from you. 

I think I’ll just keep a low profile and enjoy the nice weather!


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  1. lol, I had a teenager cut me off today, and I was driving a SCHOOLBUS! But it’s ok. His mom not only saw, but she’s my para. *singsong voice* Someone’s gonna get in trou-ble!

  2. I wonder if its the same teenager that cut me off Monday night? White car? Beautiful picture…and I hope I’m not the know-it-all that pissed you off….but then again, I do actually know-it-all…..

  3. Don’t you just hate that??? I had a girl run me off the road once, because she was too busy yacking on her cell phone to pay attention to where she was going. Grrr….

    It’s been pretty and nice here, too. I actually got out and did some weeding this afternoon.

  4. Yes! It’s spring! What a great feeling, huh?

    Does this count? I had a teen tell me last night (at almost 11p.m.) in the checkout line that she’d gotten a sunburn so she went out to get a tan on top of it and now (shuddering as she said it) her skin was peeling off!


    Her remark of “I think the sun is so much safer than a tanning bed, you know?”


  5. Ignore the idiots. If your weather is that glorious, don’t let them ruin it for you. Our weather is still not that glorious.

  6. teenagers. ugh. couldn’t pay me enough to be that age again. on the other hand…your dogwood brought tears to my eyes. that is one beautiful photo.

  7. Ugh, Em’s boyfriend can get his drivers licence in July. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her that I’m not letting her drive with him.

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