Instead of Sheep and Wool…..



Sock and Beer?

Honestly – that was my one beer after getting home today.  DH took me for a ride down to Greenbrook to Beach Camera…………and I finally have the lens of my dreams!  Taking photo’s all day sure did keep my mind off the activities that are going on south of us.  It seems like the weather did hold out for us up north, but we were just too lazy after last night’s banqueting to head out for 7 hours of round-trip car ride.  Instead, we headed out to the patio to watch the bunny, knit and play with the new lens.  It’s so birdy outside today – bluebirds, indigo buntings, robins, grosbeaks, finches of all kinds and the wrens are back.  We also see quite a few cowbirds, and DH told me he’ll be checking on our nest boxes, making sure they aren’t doing the ole’ switcheroo with their eggs. 

I found a very interesting site yesterday while doing a search on grooming angoras – Garden Girl.  I really enjoyed watching her video’s and she’s going to be on Farmers Almanac TV starting this month.  While I was a little sad to see recipes for chicken and….gulp…..rabbit……..I’m going to turn my eyes away and just learn what I can from her very informative site.  I’ve been trying to make an effort to not waste as much, not use as much and just be more aware of what we consume and what we contribute to the waste we have going on around us.  More than ever I’m so aware of all those plastic bags, toxic cleaners and the effect it has on our lives.  We do have our own chickens, garden and composting has always been part of my routine – i collect it and the guys go do the dirty work.  But I would really like to be more aware in the other aspects of our daily routine.  I’ve purchased those re-usable shopping bags – and so far, I’ve remember to put them back in the car both times I’ve gone food shopping.  Every little bit helps. 

What are you doing?  And good tips or ideas you’d like to share?

Now, it’s time for that walk to the pond down the road……….have a great night!


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  1. Nice, I love Beach Camera. But have only had the pleasure of shopping them online. What kind of lens did you get?

    Max is just so darn cute!

  2. I never understood that- people say rabbit tastes like chicken. So why not eat chicken, and leave the poor bunnies alone?

    To me, it would be like eating your cat.

    It really doesn’t bear thinking about.

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