The Sun Does Shine


Or at least it was shining this afternoon – after torential rains yesterday – Poor Max – we had a break with some sun.  But I don’t think it’s going to last long.  So gaze upon the beauty of it, with Gale and my Prize Yarn from Rox for now. 

I have been knitting on Gale – because I do want to finish this.  Selfishly, so I can cast on for another project.  I just can’t allow myself to cast on for another Stole, when I have two in the works, a shawl that’s totally being neglected and contemplation of a spring cardy.  Right?  But I really enjoy these stole’s so much – the patterns are really enjoyable. 

This weekend is THE weekend.  You know.  The Sheep and Wool.  But I’m thinking I probably won’t get to go.  We have a Banquet to attend Saturday and I’m thinking my driver is going to be too tired to chauffeur me to the festival.  I could drive myself, but what the heck fun is that?  I’m going to really miss it this year, though.  I might have to sooth my sheep deprived soul with some online aquisitions.  You know, yarn shopping.  Or fiber shopping.  Or both.  But I know DH has been talking about getting “his” rabbit, so maybe he’ll have the energy after all? 


I have to say, I’m really looking forward to summer.  Not so much to the warmer, even hot weather.  Not for the beach or pool going.  Not for the BBQ’s or parties.  Nope.

I just can’t wait till School is out. 

Damn, it is kicking my ass.  On my way to the car this morning – I actually got exhausted from punching in the code to open the garage – really.  I stood there for a minute and just felt like I could walk back upstairs and climb back into bed and sleep.  And it’s not a physically hard job.  No.  It’s just mentally exhausting sometimes.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  I just so wished I could have just called in this morning. 

But the sun is shining!  And I’m sure my funk had a lot to do with the weather.  And the bunny?  He is doing good – although yesterday, with all the bad weather, he was hunkered down and not really eating or drinking.  Today?  He’s doing fine.  But he had me a bit worried – wool block and all that.  I’m hoping that it was just the bad weather affecting him like it was probably affecting the rest of us. 

Enjoy the Sun!


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  1. First, I’ve gotta tell you: the pin and earrings came and, Lady, you do some nice work. They’re beautiful! Thank you so much.

    Secondly, I’m right there with you about the end of school. 24 days!!!

  2. How could be that close to MS&W and not go? I’m sure you’ll feel perkier as soon as you get there. Poor Max. A wet bunny is a pitiful site, isn’t it?

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