You mean I can’t keep posting pic’s of the new bunny or else you’ll totally bail on me and not come here to this blog anymore?

I can’t believe that – he’s too cute.  He’s a blog magnet.  He is MAX! 

I’m sorry – but I just had to make sure you know all about him – and that wild stripe he has going on down his back – because I know you were wondering what the arse end of him looked like, and I wanted to prevent any further sleepless nights you might be having because of it. 

I swear – I’ve been knitting – I did quite a bit on the sock and have almost turned the heel and I’ve done a few more repeats on Gale.  Swear.  Have so. 

I promise if you’ll just let me get over the rabbit photo taking – for now – I’ll post some knitting pics later this week. 

And for those who were wondering – the photo in the last post of the big SHED with the rabbit hutch IN FRONT of it?  The Shed is not the hutch.  Although, I’m thinking Max may be thinking we ought to re-think it and expand his new digs.  But it is an awesome hutch.  Without a porch.  Honest. 


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  1. The bunny is adorable!

    Speaking of adorable, I keep forgetting to email you– the stitch markers you made for us are FAB! So fab, in fact, that we sold two THE DAY WE GOT THEM IN! You rock, sistah!

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