The Cuteness


Look at that face.  How could we not bring him home with us?  What a sweetheart he is too.  And much bigger than I anticipated – but he’s all fluff!!  He has the nicest markings and a very sweet disposition – and he likes to chew on our clothes!

I was going to have a “Name That Bunny Contest” as suggested by Lolly, but there was so many names flying around this afternoon – including “Stud”, ahem, that we had to settle on one ourselves.  So we think we are looking at our new cuteness, Maximus – Max for short.  He has a double length custom made rabbit hutch of his very own and could someday be sharing it with some lucky gal – and when I say “sharing” I don’t mean in the same space.  The cage was built with a slot for a dividing wall and enough room for a single rabbit to occupy each half. 


My two hutch builder extraordinaire’s……….and they are models too!!! 

This was a real family project.  While my younger son and I were off to look at the bunny, the oldest and hubster were busy at home designing and building this Rabbit Mansion.  Younger son was so quiet while we were looking at the bunny, I was wondering if he had changed his mind – but when I looked at him and said, well, what do you think – there was a huge grin and a lot of head shaking in the affirmative and big smiles.  The Cuteness had cast his spell and he was ours. 

We did get a bunny igloo, but I’m thinking there will be shelter boxes built for the inside of the hutch before long – it’s nice out now, but he will need some space to hide and stay out of the elements. 

He’s an English angora, with broken tortise coloring.  The gentleman I bought him from was his second owner – he’s about 14 to 18 months old.  He was “rescued” from a family that had bought him from a pet store the Easter before last (so he was probably two months old at that time) and they didn’t care for him properly – he was matted and stained from not being brushed and living in a plastic bottomed cage without a grate to keep him off of his waste.  He was sold to me because the breeder is wanting to get a pedigreed male to breed with his pedigreed females, but this guy produced some beautiful kits, I was told.  I’m not too concerned about showing, so the lack of a pedigree didn’t bother me.  And once I saw him, it was really out of my hands. 

So, Welcome Max!  You’ve melted our hearts already!


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  1. Cute. So’s the bunny.

    That hutch blends in so well it took me around three minutes of studying that photo to see it…I was dumbfounded, thinking “they cannot POSSIBLY have built that whole structure with a porch and everything for a rabbit. They canNOT.”

  2. Ha! Look at those freakin’ ears-too, too cute!!! OMG!

    Were you at Panera yest. for your group? I looked for your car when I was on my way to Target-but realized you got a different one!!!

    Anyway-hope all is well! Congrats on Max : )


  3. He is actually a broken chocolate – that deep mocha coloring and lack of shading is the giveaway 🙂 one of my favorite colors. he is beautiful! have you spun any of his wool yet?

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