Checking In


Such a lot of activity this week.  DH and I were out this weekend buying supplies for the Biz….and looking for Angora Rabbits.  Why is it when you’re looking for them, you can’t find them.  But at other times, you drive around and see Bunny For Sale signs all the time?  We have decided to get a bunny, for a pet and fiber.  DS2 was saying how he missed our rabbit – which was just a little bunny I bought at a local farm and I think he was a Netherland.  But I ended up being allergic to him when his adult fur came in.  I’m hoping with the angora’s – since they don’t have as much “guard” hair, that I won’t have that problem.  But if I do, DS2 has said he will take over the full care.  I’ve spun angora and don’t seem to have any reaction to it, so that’s a good sign.  I’m looking forward to finding our little bunny – and I’ve emailed the closest farm I know of to see what they have available.  I know I can probably get one at Maryland, but that’s a long drive for a little critter and the shock of a new home?  I don’t know.  DH is already talking about a pair, breeding etc.  These things snowball quite quickly around here!  Any advice, would be appreciated.  Right now, although I like the look of the French Angora’s best, they do have some guard hair so I’m leaning towards an English Angora. 

I’ve been knitting on the Diagonal socks, and Gale.  It’s been a crazy busy week – making a custom Swarovski Wedding Cake Topper, quite a few special orders are coming in right now and I’m rearranging the craft room to accomodate the new Jewelers Bench that arrived yesterday.  Gearing up to make plenty of things for Mother’s Day, too.  I’m really happy to say I just sent off an order of stitchmarkers to the Gals over at Hanks Yarn and Fiber – they are going to be carrying my items in the shop!!!  I’m thrilled to pieces and very excited. 

Have a Wonderful Week!



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  1. I am completely jealous about the bunny! But can’t wait until you get it – and I hope you do breed them so I can get one too! Congrats on your expanding the business!

  2. Oh yum…angora! Do you plan to spin the bunny fur for your etsy shop or is it just for personal use (hint, hint) Congrats on getting the stitchmarkers into the LYS!

  3. Wow…I don’t know about purposefully breeding rabbits. You could end up hip deep, although I guess with purpose come forced restraint on the part of the little beasts. 😎 How exciting that business things are ramping up.

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